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Dr Claire Corbett
Honorary Reader - Law


Claire Corbett’s research interests are largely specialised in the field of road crime and traffic law enforcement where she has conducted a range of empirical studies into aspects of speeding, speed cameras and drink-driving for which she received research grants from the Transport Research Laboratory, the Department for Transport, and TfL. Earlier research studies commissioned by the Home Office carried out at Brunel and when at the Centre for Criminological Research at Oxford University focused on prison training, ordered and directed acquittals, Victim Support and the police complaints system. More recently, she has collaborated with external colleagues in conducting research. She has been an invited member of various government scientific advisory groups related to road safety improvement. She has currently been appointed as a trustee for the Road Safety Trust. She has recently become an Honorary Reader in the Brunel Law School. She was formerly a Reader in the Brunel Law School and Director and then Associate Director of the Criminal Justice Research Centre at the BLS.


BSc (Hons) (NELP)

MPhil (Cantab)

PhD (Lond)

Newest selected publications

Corbett, CL. (2012) 'Efficient, effective and fair? Disqualifying drivers in their absence at London traffic courts'. Contemporary Issues in Law, 11 (4). pp. 249 - 276. ISSN: 1357-0374 Open Access Link

Journal article

Corbett, C. and Grayson, G. (2010) 'Speed limit enforcement as perceived by offenders: Implications for roads policing'. Policing: A Journal of Police and Practice, 4 (4). pp. 364 - 372. ISSN: 1752-4512 Open Access Link

Journal article

Corbett, C. (2010) 'Driving offences', in Brookman, F., Maguire, M., Pierpoint, H. and Bennett, T. (eds.) Handbook on Crime. Cullompton : Willan Publishing. pp. 904 - 929. ISBN 10: 1843923718. ISBN 13: 978-1843923718. Open Access Link

Book chapter

Corbett, C., Delmonte, E., Quimby, A. and Grayson, G. (2008) 'Does the threat of disqualification deter drivers from speeding?'. Place of publication: Department For Transport. Available at: Access Link


Corbett, C. (2008) 'Techno-surveillance of the roads: High impact and low interest'. Crime Prevention and Community Safety, 10 (1). pp. 1 - 18. ISSN: 1460-3780 Open Access Link

Journal article
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