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Dr Didem Taser-Erdogan

Dr Didem Taser-Erdogan
Lecturer in Human Resource Management - Organisational Behaviour

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Dr Didem Taser Erdogan is a lecturer in Human Resources Management (HRM) and Organisational Behaviour (OB). She has received her PhD degree from King's Business School. Didem holds an MSc degree from London School of Economics and a BA degree from Bilkent University, Turkey. Her research interests include gender and organisations, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance and flexible working.

Didem has experiences of teaching core HRM and OB topics to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, including recruitment and selection, teamwork, work motivation, and cross cultural management. Her research interests are mainly related to gender and organisations and work-life balance issues.

Specifically, she is interested in individuals careers and the factors that influence its impact on individual work attitudes and behaviours. Using a qualitative design, her research investigated women's limited representation at senior management through the interplay between macro, meso and micro level issues which in turn impacted women's career aspirations.


BA, MSc, PhD

Newest selected publications

Taser, D., Aydin, E., Torgaloz, AO. and Rofcanin, Y. (2021) 'An examination of remote e-working and flow experience: The role of technostress and loneliness'. Computers in Human Behavior, 127. pp. 107020 - 107020. ISSN: 0747-5632

Journal article

Taser, D., Rofcanin, Y., Las Heras, M. and Bosch, MJ. (2021) 'Flexibility I-deals and Prosocial Motives: A Trickle-Down Perspective'. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 0 (in press). pp. 1 - 26. ISSN: 0958-5192 Open Access Link

Journal article

Rofcanin, Y., Las Heras, M., Bal, PM., Van der Heijden, BIJM. and Taser Erdogan, D. (2018) 'A trickle-down model of task and development i-deals'. Human Relations, 71 (11). pp. 1508 - 1534. ISSN: 0018-7267 Open Access Link

Journal article
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