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Dr Eleni Iacovidou
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management

Heinz Wolff 001C


My research focuses on environmental management, with emphasis on resource and waste management systems. Specifically, I develop methods for performing holistic and integrated environmental, economic, social and technical assessments of resource recovery systems based on a systems thinking approach. Using this approach, I combine environmental science and engineering with an understanding of the political, organisational, structural and cultural aspects that act synergistically in a resource recovery system to highlight areas of intervention for promoting sustainability.

My research is predominantly desktop based and focuses on four key areas:

  • food waste prevention and management 
  • plastic and plastic packaging system assessment
  • construction components reuse and modular structures
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) repair and reuse

I am also interested in the implications of technological and regulatory lock-ins, the role of stakeholders in sustainability transitions, the impact of informal recycling systems on environment and society, in waste infrastructure availability and adaptation based on area-specific characteristics, the use of smart technologies for tracking components and products across the value chain, and in circular economy.


  • BSc in Chemistry, University of Crete
  • MSc in Technologies for Environmental Protection, University of Crete
  • PhD in Environmental Research (Management and Policy), Imperial College London

Newest selected publications

Ebner, N. and Iacovidou, E. (2021) 'The challenges of Covid-19 pandemic on improving plastic waste recycling rates'. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 28. pp. 726 - 735. ISSN: 2352-5509 Open Access Link

Journal article

Samantaray, PK., Little, A., Wemyss, AM., Iacovidou, E. and Wan, C. (2021) 'Design and Control of Compostability in Synthetic Biopolyesters'. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 9 (28). pp. 9151 - 9164. ISSN: 2168-0485 Open Access Link

Journal article

Iacovidou, E., Purnell, P., Tsavdaridis, KD. and Poologanathan, K. (2021) 'Digitally Enabled Modular Construction for Promoting Modular Components Reuse: A UK View'. Journal of Building Engineering, 42. pp. 1 - 20. ISSN: 2352-7102 Open Access Link

Journal article

Iacovidou, E., Geyer, R., Kalow, J., Palardy, J., Dunn, J., Hoellein, T., et al. (2021) 'Toward a circular economy for plastics'. One Earth, 4 (5). pp. 591 - 594. ISSN: 2590-3330

Journal article

Ng, KS., Phan, AN., Iacovidou, E. and Wan Ab Karim Ghani, WA. (2021) 'Techno-economic assessment of a novel integrated system of mechanical-biological treatment and valorisation of residual municipal solid waste into hydrogen: A case study in the UK'. Journal of Cleaner Production, 298. pp. 126706 - 126706. ISSN: 0959-6526 Open Access Link

Journal article
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