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Dr Eleni Iacovidou

Dr Eleni Iacovidou
Lecturer in Environmental Management


My research focuses on environmental management, with emphasis on resource and waste management systems. Specifically, I develop methods for performing holistic and integrated environmental, economic, social and technical assessments of resource recovery systems based on a systems thinking approach. Using this approach, I combine environmental science and engineering with an understanding of the political, organisational, structural and cultural aspects that act synergistically in a resource recovery system to highlight areas of intervention for promoting sustainability.

My research is predominantly desktop based and focuses on four key areas:

  • food waste prevention and management 
  • plastic and plastic packaging system assessment
  • construction components reuse and modular structures
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) repair and reuse

I am also interested in the implications of technological and regulatory lock-ins, the role of stakeholders in sustainability transitions, the impact of informal recycling systems on environment and society, in waste infrastructure availability and adaptation based on area-specific characteristics, the use of smart technologies for tracking components and products across the value chain, and in circular economy.


  • BSc in Chemistry, University of Crete
  • MSc in Technologies for Environmental Protection, University of Crete
  • PhD in Environmental Research (Management and Policy), Imperial College London

Newest selected publications

Hahladakis, JN. and Iacovidou, E. (2019) 'An overview of the challenges and trade-offs in closing the loop of post-consumer plastic waste (PCPW): Focus on recycling'. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 380. pp. 120887 - 120887. ISSN: 0304-3894 Open Access Link

Journal article

Millward-Hopkins, J., Zwirner, O., Purnell, P., Velis, CA., Iacovidou, E. and Brown, A. (2018) 'Resource recovery and low carbon transitions: The hidden impacts of substituting cement with imported ‘waste’ materials from coal and steel production'. Global Environmental Change, 53. pp. 146 - 156. ISSN: 0959-3780 Open Access Link

Journal article

Iacovidou, E., Velenturf, APM. and Purnell, P. (2018) 'Quality of resources: A typology for supporting transitions towards resource efficiency using the single-use plastic bottle as an example'. Science of the Total Environment, 647. pp. 441 - 448. ISSN: 0048-9697 Open Access Link

Journal article

Iacovidou, E. and Voulvoulis, N. (2018) 'A multi-criteria sustainability assessment framework: development and application in comparing two food waste management options using a UK region as a case study'. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25 (36). pp. 35821 - 35834. ISSN: 0944-1344 Open Access Link

Journal article

Hahladakis, JN., Purnell, P., Iacovidou, E., Velis, CA. and Atseyinku, M. (2018) 'Post-consumer plastic packaging waste in England: Assessing the yield of multiple collection-recycling schemes'. Waste Management, 75 (May 2018). pp. 149 - 159. ISSN: 0956-053X Open Access Link

Journal article
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