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Dr Francesco Coletti
Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Quad North 047


Dr. Francesco Coletti is a Senior Lecturer (part-time) in Chemical Engineering and a member of the founding team of the Chemical Engineering Department at Brunel University London. He is also a co-founder and the CEO of Hexxcell Ltd., a London based technology company providing predictive analytics and prescriptive maintenance solutions for industrial heat transfer systems to major international oil&gas and petrochemical companies.

His expertise and research interests are at the intersection of the two exciting fields of Process Systems Engineering and Heat Transfer with focus on modelling, optimisation and predictive maintenance of energy systems. In these fields, he has published ~40 peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings, 2 Special Issues, 2 patents and a monograph. He is also the Executive Editor of Heat Exchanger Design Handbook. Francesco has a track-record in industrial research having worked and consulted for a number of Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Praxair, USA) and in technology transfer having developed a commercialised software to the oil&gas industry and served as Industry Engagement Manager for Imperial Consultants.

He is a Director of the Fuels&Petrochemical Division of the American Institution of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the Secretary of the UK National Heat Transfer Committee and a Member of the Assembly for International Heat Transfer Conferences. He initiated, and is the Chair of, the Topical Series on Heat Exchangers held every two years at the AIChE Spring Meeting. He holds a Laurea degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padova, Italy, an MSc in Process Systems Engineering from Imperial College London and a PhD in Chemical Engineering also from Imperial College London which he earned in 2010, winning the Departmental Newitt Prize for theoretical and computational excellence and the College-wide award for excellence in research in fuel production.


  • PhD in Chemical Engineering - Imperial College London (2010)
  • MSc in Process Systems Engineering - Imperial College London (2006)
  • Laurea degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padova, Italy (2005)

Newest selected publications

Mutumba, A., Coletti, F., Reip, A., Mahmoud, MM. and Karayiannis, TG. (2022) 'Experiments and correlations for single-phase convective heat transfer in brazed plate heat exchangers'. Heat Transfer Engineering, 44 (3). pp. 211 - 231. ISSN: 0145-7632 Open Access Link

Journal article

Loyola-Fuentes, J., Pietrasanta, L., Marengo, M. and Coletti, F. (2022) 'Machine Learning Algorithms for Flow Pattern Classification in Pulsating Heat Pipes'. Energies, 15 (6). pp. 1 - 20.Open Access Link

Journal article

Cheng, L. and Coletti, F. (2021) 'Preface: Progress in heat transfer enhancement research'. Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer, 28 (5). pp. V - VI. ISSN: 1065-5131

Journal article

Coletti, F. (2020) 'Selected Papers from the 15th UK Heat Transfer Conference'. Heat Transfer Engineering, 41 (19-20). pp. 1643 - 1644. ISSN: 0145-7632

Journal article

Díaz-Bejarano, E., Santos, MY., Dopico, MG. and Coletti, F. (2020) 'Evaluation of Heat Exchanger Network Retrofit Design Using Plant Data'. Heat Transfer Engineering, 41 (19-20). pp. 1750 - 1761. ISSN: 0145-7632

Journal article
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