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Professor Kate Hone

Professor Kate Hone
Head of Department - Computer Science


Applications are welcome for PhD study on the following research topics:

User interface design for voice user interfaces / chat bots - voice user interfaces are starting to become popular consumer products with the lauch of tools such Amazon's Echo / Alexa and Google Home. Research to explore user experience of voice user interfaces and how this can be improved.

Subjective evaluation of voice user interfaces - research to develop reliable and valid subjective measures of voice user interface quality which can be used in usability research.

Emotionally sensitive user interfaces - research to explore the potential use of emotion recognition technolgy to enhance human computer interaction, including user studies of the impact of emotionally adaptive interfaces.

MOOC acceptance factors - open online courses are increasingly available. Research to explore factors in adoption and retention of learners in this context.

Research supervision

Name Thesis Title/Topic Status 1st or 2nd supervisor
Lorna Lines Older adults\' Interactions with speech Systems Completed 2003 First
Ghada Refaat El Said Cultural issues in Human Computer Interaction Completed 2005 First
Tim Cribbin Classifying complex topics using spatial-semantic document visualization Completed 2005 Second
Emma Pickering Towards an improved evaluation of use for everyday computing Completed 2009 Second
Lesley Axelrod Emotion Recognition for Interaction with Computers (Human Factors Issues) Completed 2010 First
Ali Tarhini E-learning Acceptance in Lebanon and England Completed 2013 Second
Ahmad Aljwaijri User acceptance in online banking Current student First
Sumayyah Alfaresi Mobile Digital Libraries Current student First
Alison Bulbeck E-learning Innovation Current student First