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Dr Kate Mintram is an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Brunel University London. Prior to this, she was a Research Fellow working in the STAMINA project, a Horizon2020 funded project which aims to develop a toolset for pandemic crisis prediction and management within and across European borders. 

Kate's background is in Environmental Biology . She completed her BSc at the University of Plymouth in 2014 with an industrial placement year at AstraZeneca, and completed her PhD in agent-based simulation at the University of Exeter in 2019 within the College of Life and Environmental Sciences. Her PhD and subsequent postdoctoral research centred around the development and application of agent-based models for realistic predictions of chemical exposure effects on fish populations. Prior to joining Brunel, Kate also spent a year as an animal welfare consultant in the NGO sector.

Kate currently lectures on CS1701 'Group Project Lectures and Tutorials' and CS2003 'Usability Engineering'. She is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Newest selected publications

Mintram, K., Anagnostou, A., Anokye, N., Okine, E., Groen, D., Saha, A., et al. (2022) 'CALMS: Modelling the long-term health and economic impact of Covid-19 using agent-based simulation'. PLOS ONE, 17 (8). pp. 1 - 19. ISSN: 1932-6203 Open Access Link

Journal article

Bakalos, N., Kaselimi, M., Doulamis, N., Doulamis, A., Kalogeras, D., Bimpas, M., et al. (2022) 'STAMINA: Bioinformatics Platform for Monitoring and Mitigating Pandemic Outbreaks'. Technologies, 10 (3). pp. 1 - 18.Open Access Link

Journal article

Mintram, KS., van Oosterhout, C. and Lighten, J. (2021) 'Genetic variation in resistance and high fecundity impede viral biocontrol of invasive fish'. Journal of Applied Ecology, 58 (1). pp. 148 - 157. ISSN: 0021-8901

Journal article

Mintram, KS., Maynard, SK., Brown, AR., Boyd, R., Johnston, ASA., Sibly, RM., et al. (2020) 'Applying a mechanistic model to predict interacting effects of chemical exposure and food availability on fish populations'. Aquatic Toxicology, 224. pp. 105483 - 105483. ISSN: 0166-445X

Journal article

Mintram, KS., Brown, AR., Maynard, SK., Liu, C., Parker, S-J., Tyler, CR. and et al. (2018) 'Assessing population impacts of toxicant-induced disruption of breeding behaviours using an individual-based model for the three-spined stickleback'. Ecological Modelling, 387. pp. 107 - 117. ISSN: 0304-3800

Journal article
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