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Dr Lei Chai

Dr Lei Chai
Research Fellow

Elliott Jaques 087


Lei Chai has successfully completed his PhD at Beijing University of Technology in 2012 and then worked as a Lecturer at Chinese Academy of Sciences for 2 years and as a Postdoctoral Researcher Assistant at Queen Mary University of London for 3 years. Lei Chai has published over 50 scientific papers on experimental and numerical investigations on microscale heat transfer, thermal energy storage, compressed air energy storage, boiling and condensation, and supercritical fluid heat trasfer. Since June 2017, Lei Chai has become a Research Fellow at the RCUK national Centre for Sustainable Energy use in Food chains (CSEF), at Brunel University London. His research now focuses on CO2 heat exchangers and power and refrigeration systems.


  •  PhD, Thermal energy and power engineering, Beijing University of Technology
  • BSc, Oil & gas storage and transportation engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China)


  • Undertake research relevant to the project in the area of thermal systems and energy conversion technologies, for example thermal to electrical power, heat to cooling, energy storage etc., including modelling and energy system simulation.

Newest selected publications

Chai, L. and Tassou, SA. (2021) 'Modeling and Evaluation of the Thermohydraulic Performance of Compact Recuperative Heat Exchangers in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Waste Heat to Power Conversion Systems'. Heat Transfer Engineering, 0 (in press). pp. 1067 - 1082. ISSN: 0145-7632 Open Access Link

Journal article

White, MT., Bianchi, G., Chai, L., Tassou, SA. and Sayma, AI. (2020) 'Review of supercritical CO2 technologies and systems for power generation'. Applied Thermal Engineering, 185 (25 February 2021). pp. 1 - 28. ISSN: 1359-4311 Open Access Link

Journal article

Chai, L. and Tassou, SA. (2020) 'A review of printed circuit heat exchangers for helium and supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles'. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 18 (1 August 2020). pp. 1 - 22. ISSN: 2451-9049 Open Access Link

Journal article

Chai, L., Tsamos, KM. and Tassou, SA. (2020) 'Modelling and Evaluation of the Thermohydraulic Performance of Finned-Tube Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Gas Coolers'. Energies, 13 (5). pp. 1 - 19. ISSN: 1996-1073 Open Access Link

Journal article

Marchionni, M., Chai, L., Bianchi, G. and Tassou, S. (2019) 'Numerical modelling and transient analysis of a printed circuit heat exchanger used as recuperator for supercritical CO2 heat to power conversion systems'. Applied Thermal Engineering, 161. pp. 1 - 14. ISSN: 1873-5606 Open Access Link

Journal article
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