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Dr Meltem Yavuz Sercekman
Lecturer (Education)


I completed my PhD degree with my doctoral thesis on Job Crafting in the Department of Management and Organization at Marmara University, Turkey. I hold a master’s degree in Psychology of Work with a thesis on "mindfulness-based interventions and their reflections on organisations" in the Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour from the University of Leicester, UK. 

Prior to joining the Brunel Business School in May 2022, I had worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Istanbul University between for 7 years, and as a visiting lecturer at Baskent University, and TOBB University of Economics and Technology for 2 years in Turkey.

I am an accredited Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) teacher and founder of the Mind Crafting Academy, which offers mindfulness and compassion based training and consultancy services to institutions and individuals. I hold the National Athlete Certificate in finswimming and professionally continue mindfulness and yoga trainings by taking numerous teacher training courses, workshops and retreats.


  • PhD in Management and Organization (2018)
  • MSc in Psychology of Work (2019)
  • MA in Transportation and Logistics Management (2014)
  • BA in International Trade and Business (2011)

Newest selected publications

Akca, M., Yavuz Sercekman, M. and Akca, I. (2021) 'The Relationship Between Ethical Climate, Workplace Deviance, and Mindfulness: A Theoretical Framework', in Yadav, R., Panday, P. and Sharma, N. (eds.) Critical Issues on Changing Dynamics in Employee Relations and Workforce Diversity. IGI Global. pp. 64 - 89. ISBN 13: 9781799835158.

Book chapter

Kamasak, R., Ozbilgin, M., Kucukaltan, B. and Yavuz, M. (2020) 'Regendering of dynamic managerial capabilities in the context of binary perspectives on gender diversity'. Gender in Management, 35 (1). pp. 19 - 36. ISSN: 1754-2413 Open Access Link

Journal article

Yavuz, M. (2019) 'Transformational leadership and authentic leadership as practical implications of positive organizational psychology', inHandbook of Research on Positive Organizational Behavior for Improved Workplace Performance. IGI Global. pp. 122 - 139. ISBN 13: 9781799800583.

Book chapter

Yavuz, M., Ozbilgin, MF. and Kamasak, R. (2019) 'Exploring the interplay between deviance and loneliness at work', inAnalyzing Workplace Deviance in Modern Organizations. IGI Global. pp. 48 - 65. ISBN 13: 9781522599968.

Book chapter

Kamasak, R., James, SR. and Yavuz, M. (2019) 'The interplay of corporate social responsibility and corporate political activity in emerging markets: The role of strategic flexibility in nonā€market strategies'. Business Ethics: A European Review, 28 (3). pp. 305 - 320. ISSN: 0962-8770

Journal article
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