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Dr Monomita Nandy
Reader - Accounting and Finance

Eastern Gateway 106


Emerging issues in Finance, Banking, Accounting and Corporate Governence

Research supervision

Supervision of Theses

Dorothy L. McAleer (Awarded) : A Global Meta-Data Analysis of Factors Influencing Sustainability Report External Assurance, International School of Management , France

Sayed Mahdi Fadhul (Awarded): Relationship between multicultuiral teams and project performance :  evidence from GCC, Brunel University, UK 

 Jaskar Kaur (Awarded) : Director Netwroking

Jin Wang (Awarded): Corproate Lobbying

Mohammed Albakhiti (Awarded): Innovation in public sector

Current Students: ( Principal Supervisor, Brunel University)

Sustinability and technology

Energy sector and corproate governance 

Audit Quality and technology

Corproate Board Diversity 

Numerous Dissertations of MBA, MSc and UG students (India, the Netherlands, Surrey University, Brunel University, Reading Univeristy).