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Professor Monomita Nandy
Vice Dean International (CBASS) / Professor - Accounting and Finance

Eastern Gateway 106


Monomita Nandy is a Professor in Accounting and Finance in Brunel Business School (BBS). Prof Nandy is the Vice Dean International of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences (CBASS). She has completed her two PhDs from the University of Calcutta, India, and the University of Rome Torvergata, Italy. Prior to joining Brunel University, she has held academic and research positions at Lally Business School, New York, Radboud University, Holland, Surrey University, UK and leading institutes in India. She is very popular among students and got Student -led best teacher awards. She is awarded for her innovative and technology-led teaching. She is interested in interdisciplinary research focused on digitalisation in achievement of sustainable development goals alongside her disciplinary research in emerging issues in Corporate Finance. Her research works are published in high impact international peer-reviewed journals like IJFE, JBE, TIJA, BSE and others. She is involved in editorial and review activities of international journals, and regularly she presents her research work at leading conferences in Business and Management. Her research evidence is valued by the UK parliament, Sustainability Board in India, St James Entrepreneur Club London, Small Business Charter in the UK, Chartered Institute of Taxation in England. Monomita conducts research of policy relevance and shares her research expertise by participating in the consultation initiated by the FRC, EU Commission, HMRC and her works draw attention from Media.  She is the co-chair of the South-East group of the British Accounting and Finance Association. Her research attracts external funding, her university student-industry collaboration is appreciated by the London Chamber of Commerce and her research collaboration with local business is highly appreciated by business and local authority and her research generates a considerable amount of social aid that support the sustainable growth of the economy with a long-term socio-economic impact. 


PhD in Money and Finance, University of Rome Torvergata, Italy

PhD in Business Finance, Calcutta University, India

Graduate certificate in Higher Education, University of Surrey, UK


Vice Dean International- College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences (CBASS)

Board Member - Centre for AI: Social and Digital Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Research Centre- Lab 5 Lead : Global Business Governance and Entrepreneurial Management

Newest selected publications

Grym, J., Aspara, J., Nandy, M. and Lodh, S. (2024) 'A Crime by Any Other Name: Gender Differences in Moral Reasoning When Judging the Tax Evasion of Cryptocurrency Traders'. Behavioral Sciences, 14 (3). pp. 1 - 16. ISSN: 2076-328X Open Access Link

Journal article

Stelly, B., McCarroll, J., Nandy, M. and Lodh, S. (2023) 'The 'Journey of a Hero' and sustainable development'. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, 20 (1). pp. 21 - 39. ISSN: 1746-0573 Open Access Link

Journal article

Alaamri, Y., Hussainey, K., Nandy, M. and Lodh, S. (2023) 'The impact of audit quality and climate change reporting on corporate performance: a review and future research agenda'. Journal of Accounting Literature, 0 (ahead of print). pp. 1 - 19. ISSN: 0737-4607 Open Access Link

Journal article

Lodh, S. and Nandy, M. (2023) 'Corporate Risk Management After The Covid-19 Crisis'. Singapore: World Scientific. ISSN 10: 1-80061-424-1 ISSN 13: 978-1-80061-422-2


Tang, A. and Nandy, M. (2023) 'Late Payment of Invoices: Is it an Ethical Practice'. International Journal of Critical Accounting, 13 (2). pp. 165 - 190. ISSN: 1757-9848 Open Access Link

Journal article
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