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Professor Paola Vagnarelli
Professor - Cell Biology



PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology, University of Pavia, Italy 

Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Pavia, Italy

Professional experience

1993-1996  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dipartimento di Genetica e Microbiologia Universita’ di Pavia

1997    Visiting Scientist MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh

1998- 2012 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology Edinburgh (Prof WC Earnshaw)

2102    Lecturer School of Health Sciences and Social Care, Department of Biosciences, Brunel University London


Newest selected publications

Stamatiou, K., Chmielewska, A., Ohta, S., Earnshaw, WC. and Vagnarelli, P. (2022) 'CCDC86/Cyclon is a novel Ki-67 interacting protein important for cell division'. Journal of Cell Science, 0 (accepted, in press). ISSN: 0021-9533 Open Access Link

Journal article

Huguet, F., Gokhan, E., Foster, HA., Amin, HA. and Vagnarelli, P. (2022) 'Repo-Man/protein phosphatase 1 SUMOylation mediates binding to lamin A and serine 22 dephosphorylation'. Open Biology, 12 (4). pp. 1 - 12. ISSN: 2046-2441 Open Access Link

Journal article

Vagnarelli, P., Sales Gil, R., Kommer, D., de Castro, I., Amin, HA., Vinciotti, V. and et al. (2021) 'Non-redundant functions of H2A.Z.1 and H2A.Z.2 in chromosome segregation and cell cycle progression'. EMBO Reports, 22 (11). pp. 1 - 18. ISSN: 1469-221X Open Access Link

Journal article

Sales Gil, R. and Vagnarelli, P. (2018) 'Ki-67: More Hidden behind a ‘Classic Proliferation Marker'. Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 43 (10). pp. 747 - 748. ISSN: 0968-0004 Open Access Link

Journal article

de Castro, IJ., Sales Gil, R., Ligammari, L., Di Giacinto, ML. and Vagnarelli, P. (2017) 'CDK1 and PLK1 co-ordinate the disassembly and re-assembly of the Nuclear Envelope in vertebrate mitosis'. Oncotarget, 9 (8). pp. 7763 - 7773. ISSN: 1949-2553 Open Access Link

Journal article
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