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Dr Pin Lean Lau
Lecturer in Bio Law

Membership and affiliation

Member, European Association of Health Law (EAHL)

General Manager, Interest Group on Supranational Bio-Law of the EAHL

Member, ELSI2.0 Workspace

Member and Current Academic Convenor for 2023 Workshop, Daughters of Themis: International Network of Female Business Scholars

Member, ATLAS Women Network in International Law

Member, Responsible Metaverse Alliance

Media interests

in Lean has written for several blogs such as The Conversation, Verfassungsblog and the Oxford Human Rights Blog. She is available for media requests on issues pertaining to implications of technologies on societies and human rights, and the relationship in laws and technologies affecting citizens and state on a constitutional level. She is also available for media requests relating to legal and ethical issues in the Metaverse and Web3.0, equality, diversity and inclusion of AI-driven technologies, and protection of fundamental rights.

She has been interviewed by the following media outlets:-

1. Tiago Soares, Expresso - Metaverse: a revolution bigger than the internet or a game to escape reality?\

2.  Derek Robertson, Politico – Crimefighting in the Metaverse

3. Len Williams, Engineering & Technology – What is the Metaverse?

4. Laurie Clarke, The Guardian - Can we create a moral metaverse?

Articles that she has written for The Conversation have been reproduced in the following media platforms via its Creative Commons Licence: