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Dr Rumyana Neykova

Dr Rumyana Neykova
Lecturer in Computer Science

PhD projects for research students

Software Architecture Recovery and Consistency of Mobile Applications

Project Summary: Mobile applications are being developed by new platforms such as Android with their own programming languages, e.g., Java version for Android. Currently, mobile applications are small and developed by a single person. As these applications grow and evolve, the software architecture of the system becomes important. The objective of this project is to extend an approach called Reflexion Modeling, for allowing mobile software engineers to recover the software architecture of a mobile application and the check its consistency with a planned architectural model. This will involve tailoring an architectural model notation, use both static and dynamic analysis techniques to interpret the mobile system, define mappings between architectural model and a mobile platform, develop a prototype tool for allowing mobile software engineers to recover and check consistency of mobile applications and their planned architecture, and empirically validate the prototype tool and approach.

Students Background: -Software Engineering -Mobile Development - To gain knowledge in software architecture