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Dr Sarmin Hossain
Senior Lecturer in Education


Sarmin Hossain is the MA Education (including all Routes) Programme Leader. She is also the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Specialist Pathway Leader.

Sarmin Hossain joined Brunel University’s Department of Education in January 2011 as Lecturer in ICT in Education. In August 2011 she became the PGCE ICT and Computing Secondary Course Coordinator, responsible for leading and managing the overall Computing and ICT Course. Sarmin was appointed Secondary Co-Course leader from 2014-2015, making significant contributions to the OfSTED inspections held 2015. In 2016, Sarmin was appointed MA Programme leader with responsibilties both at strategic and operational levels. She led the re-design and re-validation of the MA programme, and the implemenation of the new provison, which is the now current MA Education (incl. all Routes) programme attracting both national and international audiences. 

She holds a BSc (Hons) Mathematical Science Degree from City University, London, UK; PGCE in Mathematics Secondary from the Institute of Education, London, UK; MSc in Information Systems, and a PhD in Information Systems from Brunel University, UK. Sarmin is a Fellow of Advance Higher Education (previously HIgher Education Academy).

She began her academic career as a Research Associate in Mathematics Education in the Department of Education and Professional Studies, Kings College London. Her research works extended to include Engineering Education within the same department. Sarmin’s academic background and work experiences have enabled her to develop and further her research interests in three of the STEM areas: Technoloy (Information Communications Technology (ICT)/Computing), Engineering and Mathematics.

Sarmin's doctoral work focused on simulation modelling and educational software. Thereafter she worked on mathematics/engineering education projects, funded by the Nuffield Foundation and Royal Academy of Engineering. She is currently Co-Investigator with colleagues at Brunel on a large-scale European project “Mentoring for School Improvement (MenSI) project” which involves the European Schoolnet (EUN) and work with six of its supporting 33 Ministries of Education to carry out a pan-European investigation into how different approaches to mentoring can support the mainstreaming of innovative ICT-based teaching practices in primary and secondary schools. 

Sarmin contributes to the wider community through her following roles: As Governor to a University Technical College, she draws on her Engineering and teacher education expertise to advise the College and its Governing body.  As Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) Ambassador, she provides e-safety training sessions on the Brunel PGCE programme. Since 2013, Sarmin has trained over 400 plus trainee-teachers meeting OfSTED/DfE online safeguarding requirements. 

Sarmin is passionate about STEM, and is also interested in areas such as equitable access to STEM education and careers; social mobilty; adoption and take-up of digital technologies and computing; Mathematics education; pedagogies; STEM policy and reform; STEM for sustainable education. 

Newest selected publications

Hossain, S., Adler, J., Stevenson, M., Clarke, J. and Archer, R. (2014) 'Trajectory into mathematics teaching via an alternate route: A survey of graduates from Mathematics Enhancement Courses'.British Congress of Mathematics Education 2014. Nottingham University. Nottingham. 17 - 17 April. British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics. pp. 175 - 183. ISSN: 1463-6840

Conference paper

Adler, J., Hossain, S., Stevenson, M., Clarke, J., Archer, R. and Grantham, B. (2014) 'Mathematics for teaching and deep subject knowledge: voices of Mathematics Enhancement Course students in England'. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 17 (2). pp. 129 - 148. ISSN: 1386-4416

Journal article

Hossain, S., Mendick, H. and Adler, J. (2013) 'Troubling "understanding mathematics-in-depth": Its role in the identity work of student-teachers in England'. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 84 (1). pp. 35 - 48. ISSN: 0013-1954 Open Access Link

Journal article

Askew, M., Hodgen, J., Hossain, S. and Bretscher, N. (2010) 'Values and variables: Mathematics education in high-performing countries'. Place of publication: Nuffield Foundation. Available at:


Adler, J., Hossain, S., Stevenson, M., Grantham, B., Clarke, J. and Archer, R. (2009) 'Interpretations of, and orientations to, “understanding mathematics in depth”: Students in MEC programmes across institutions'.2009 British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics Conference (BSRLM 2009). Loughborough University, UK. 14 - 14 November. British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics. pp. 1 - 6. ISSN: 1463-6840

Conference paper
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