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Professor Sergey Mikhailov

Professor Sergey Mikhailov
Professor - Director of Postgraduate Research


Joined Brunel University London in 2006


Professor in Applied Mathematics and Analysis,

Director of Postgraduate Research in Mathematics Department

Newest selected publications

Chkadua, O., Mikhailov, SE. and Natroshvili, D. (2018) 'Singular Localised Boundary-Domain Integral Equations of AcousticScattering by Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Obstacle'. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences. pp. 1 - 25. ISSN: 0170-4214 Open Access Link

Journal article

Hakim, L. and Mikhailov, SE. (2018) 'A history-dependent cohesive zone model in elastic and visco-elastic materials under constant and variable loading'. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCES, 144. pp. 518 - 525. ISSN: 0020-7403 Open Access Link

Journal article

Mikhailov, SE. (2018) 'Analysis of Segregated Boundary-Domain Integral Equations for BVPs withNon-smooth Coefficient on Lipschitz Domains'. Boundary Value Problems, 2018 (1). pp. 87. ISSN: 1687-2770 Open Access Link

Journal article

Gutt, R., Kohr, M., Mikhailov, SE. and Wendland, WL. (2017) 'On the mixed problem for the semilinear Darcy-Forchheimer-Brinkman PDEsystem in Besov spaces on creased Lipschitz domains'. Math. Methods in Appl. Sci., 40 (18). pp. 7780 - 7829. ISSN: 0170-4214 Open Access Link

Journal article

Ayele, TG., Dufera, TT. and Mikhailov, S. (2017) 'Analysis of Boundary-Domain Integral Equations for Variable-Coefficient Neumann BVP in 2D', in Constanda, C., Dalla Riva, M., Lamberti, PD. and Musolino, P. (eds.) Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 1 Theoretical Techniques. Birkhäuser. , 1. pp. 21 - 33. ISBN 10: 3319593846. Open Access Link

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