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Research events

18 June 2021 CUBIC (Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre) Conference Hosted by Brunel University London


Seminar Series 2020-2021

3 December 2020 Dr John Greenwood - University College London  Online
4 February 2021 Professor Daniel Smith - Durham University Online
4 March 2021 Dr Ali Khatibi -  University of Birmingham Online
22 April 2021 Dr Trevor Crawford - Lancaster University Online
3 June 2021 Dr Gunnar Schmitmann - University of Plymouth Online
1 July 20201 Dr Wieske van Zoest - University of Birmingham Online
2 September 2021 Dr Sylco Hoppenbrouwers - VU Amsterdam Online

Seminar Series 2019-2020

17 October 2019 Dr Miriam Klein-Flügge - University of Oxford LECT110
14 November 2019 Dr Guido Orgs - Goldsmiths, University of London HNZW101
6 February 2020 Professor Martin Eimer - Birkbeck University of London HNZW101
26 February 2020 Dr Lieke Schiphof-Godart - The Hague University of Applied Sciences  HNZW101
TBC Professor Katya Rubia - King's College London  HNZW101
TBC Nickolai Vysokov - Brainpatch HNZW101
TBC Professor Helen Cassaday - University of Nottingham HNZW101
TBC Dr Chesney Craig  - Manchester Metropolitan University HNZW101

 Seminar Series 2018-2019

 Date Speaker Talk Title
6 September 2018 Dr Alex Sumich - Nottingham Trent University Feeling less than half human: The role of microbiota and inflammation in self-judgement and empathy as psychological risk factors for depression.
4 October 2018 Professor Philip Corr - City University of London  A Neuroscience of Approach, Avoidance and Conflict Personality Traits.
31 October 2018 Dr Dominic Ffytche - Kings College University  Visual hallucinations: cognition, clinic and consciousness.
1 November 2018 Mark Ware & Professor Hugo Critchley - University of Sussex (The Wavelength Project) The Wavelength Project: art science investigations into how we respond to the natural environment.
29 November 2018 Dr Olivier Collignon - University of Louvain, Belgium Crossmodal plasticity: Recycling the intrinsic functional and multisensory architecture of the brain.
6 December 2018 Dr Dido Green - Oxford Brookes University Brain and Behaviour – a multi-modal approach to understanding neural plasticity in childhood hemiplegia.
7 February 2019 Professor Ulrich Ettinger - University of Bonn, Germany Mechanisms and Modulation of Inhibitory Control.
7 March 2019 Professor Andy Field - University of Sussex  Should researchers analyze their own data?
4 April 2019 Professor Essi Viding - University College London Individuals as co-creators of their own environments: Implications for understanding development and applying interventions.
2 May 2019 Dr Peter Klaver - Universty of Surrey Working memory in the hippocampus: perspectives on brain development.
6 June 2019 Professor Symeon Vlachopoulos - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki  Motivation for Physical Activity in Exercise Settings and Physical Education: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective.
19 June 2019 Professor Greg Anson -  University of Aukland, New Zealand Changes in Brain Activity: Motor Imagery, Hypnotic Susceptibility and Motor Conversion Disorder.
Seminar Series 2017 - 2018
 Date Speaker Talk title
11 November 2017 Professor Klaus Oberauer,  What causes the capacity limit of working memory?
 7 March 2018 Dr Douglas Powel, Neural and non-neural contributors to the rigidity in Parkinson’s Disease
 5 April 2018 Dr Peera Wongupparaj A multi-task Assessment of Cognitive Processes in People with Depression
 3 May 2018 Professor Julia Slimner Synaesthesia, Autism and Genius
 15 May 2018 Professor Delevoye-Turrell Move your body and I will tell you how you feel: Motor timing reveals emotional states
 7 June 2018 Dr Ignazio Puzzo Altered White-Matter Microstructure in Conduct Disorder Is Specifically Associated with Elevated Callous-Unemotional Traits
 5 July 2018 Dr Jennifer Corbett The Power of Averaging Diversity in Perception
 8 August 2018 Professor Brendan Stuart Weekes Bilingualism and the Brain