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About us

The Centre has current strengths in two streams of research:

  • energy use efficiency focuses on end use energy demand by buildings and urban areas and its interactions with users
  • sustainable environmental development of buildings focuses on the theme of materials and construction methods.

Research in this Centre tackles challenges such as building retrofit for energy efficiency and sustainability, cost effective zero emissions buildings, urban climate and micro climate impact on energy efficiency of buildings and districts, sustainable infrastructure construction and maintenance, and integrated systems for sustainable development.

We have substantial expertise in energy efficiency in buildings including natural ventilation and low energy cooling technologies, optimum integration of renewable and passive systems with active mechanical systems, energy demand of urban buildings and mitigation/adaptation strategies, the use of natural, recyclable and smart materials in building construction and holistic approaches to sustainable development and infrastructure management.

Transport and Mobility

Transport and mobility are an integral part of resource efficient cities and have never been more important. For example, air quality, autonomous vehicles, and infrastructure are at the top of the agenda in many countries. Furthermore, it is clear that tackling the issues for the 21st century requires collaboration across disparate disciplines. We have people actively working on transport issues key to national and international prosperity, and it is a growing area of research for us.

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