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Research areas

Our research areas include:

  • Clinical imaging (JC)
  • Aerosols – inhaled aerosols, clinical effect of inhaled medicines, formulation design, inhaler design (JC, FK)
  • Machine learning and AI of multiple data sources to predict clinical events (All)
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation (JC, AL, VMacB, EK)
  • Arts in Health (JC, AL, VMacB)
  • Remote/digital monitoring (JC, AL, VMacB)
  • Breathlessness management (JC, AL, VMacB)
  • Novel physiological techniques for assessment of respiratory function, particularly in paediatric and critical care settings (All)
  • Respiratory muscle function including respiratory muscle work/fatigue and motor learning and control. Implicit motor learning (All)
  • Respiratory complications of neuromuscular disease (VMacB, EK)
  • Movement analysis methods: 3D movement registration (e.g. VICON/Optotrak); electromusculography (EMG); force plate analysis; accelerometry; data processing in Matlab (EK)
  • The role of (local and systemic) dehydration in the development of pulmonary dysfunctions (incl. exercise-induced bronchoconstriction). (FK, JC, LR)
  • Cardiorespiratory responses, interactions and limitations to exercise in health, disease and disability (LR, FK, JC)
  • Public engagement with science (All)