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Brunel Institute of Computational Mathematics

The Brunel Institute of Computational Mathematics (BICOM) has the objective to stimulate and execute research work within the broad areas of computational mathematics, applied analysis, mechanics and computational mechanics, and thus to contribute to the mathematics research and teaching programme at Brunel University. Current research is centred on mathematical modelling, finite element, boundary element and boundary domain integral equation methods and applications.

More generally, within the institute, work is proceeding on the mathematical theory, application and computational implementation of finite element and boundary element methods, and is financed by research grants and industrial contracts. Recently, new results have been obtained for a posteriori error estimates for finite element approximations of problems in viscoelasticity, discretization techniques for problems of acoustics, pattern forming in mathematical biology, thin structures and structural dynamics, the mathematics of fracture and thermoconductivity. A feature of the activity of the Institute is collaborative research with colleagues from many parts of the world. BICOM normally has, at any one time, a number of researchers of this type spending extensive periods at the University. Several general finite element packages are available within the Institute for computing numerical solutions to problems from continuum mechanics.