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Research Degrees

The Computational Biology Group offers an exciting environment to develop a PhD project and perform research at the boundaries between Computer Science and Biology. The group offers access to dedicated GPU-based servers hosted at Brunel and national HPC facilities including ARCHER2 and JADE.

Current doctoral researchers and projects

  • Bello Suleiman – “A multi-level computational design driven method for engineering bacterial synthetic biology systems”
  • Yasoda Jayaweera – “ A methodology for identifying alternative solutions in a population based data generation approach applied to synthetic biology”
  • Leila Ghanbar - “Modeling quorum sensing driven biofilm formation in human gut microbiota”

Available projects

  • “Development of novel methods to detect propagation of allosteric signal transmission in protein structures”
  • “Development of novel methods to analyse multiscale allosteric signal transmission in protein-protein interaction networks”
  • “Development of novel methods to redesign functional motions in proteins”
  • “Multiscale synthetic biology - a method to link protein structure and activity with biochemical network behaviour”
  • “Efficient modelling of space, communication and mobility for multilevel biological systems”

Candidates are invited to contact Prof. David Gilbert or Dr. Alessandro Pandini for informal discussions about the projects.