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Research areas

The HRM-OB Group has particular expertise in five core areas of research strength: 

  • Workplace innovation management. In this theme we study the precursors, processes, effects and outcomes of creativity and innovation in the workplace. This work is focussed at an individual and team level primarily, but we draw upon inter-disciplinary theoretical perspectives and groundings for this major research theme.
  • Diversity in organizations. 
  • Healthcare management. This active area of Group expertise focuses on the application of organizational theory (identity, innovation and leadership) to examine large scale policy change in healthcare and the public sector. The research undertaken aims to makes an impact on senior government policy advisors and senior leaders both in the UK and internationally
  • Social inclusion. Cutting edge research in the area of Social Inclusion incorporates diverse areas such as gender and inequality in organizations; class-based disadvantage and the challenges faced by those undertaking ‘dirty work’; and, in the context of Europe, the coping strategies adopted by highly qualified migrants and how they are integrated into organizations.   
  • Employee selection and assessment. We have particular expertise and experience in staff recruitment and selection processes, validation, fairness audits, and performance management outcomes. Taking both an organizational and an applicant perspective, this themes addresses all major selection predictor methods including interviews, assessment centres, and psychometric testing procedures.