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Research projects

List of our research projects

  • Corporate Brand Communication of SME's in Malaysia (on-going) - Dr Sharifah Alwi, Dr Cristina Stoian and Professor John MT Balmer
  • Brand History in Great Britain (on-going)- Researcher: Dr Michael Heller
  • Guanzi and Acculturation (on-going) - Researcher: Dr Dorothy Yen
  • Digital Economy and Customer Insight (on-going) - Dr Ana Canhoto
  • Corporate Brand Management in Business Schools: significance of architecture and social identity theory (on-going) - Researchers: Dr M Foroudi, Dr R Mahmoud, Professor John M.T. Balmer and Dr Weifeng Chen
  • Corporate Heritage Brands in China (on-going) - Researchers: Professor John MT Balmer and Dr Weifeng Chen 

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