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Stealth marketing and physical activity

This aims of this project are twofold (I) to examine the feasibility of using a Bait-and-Tease stealth marketing intervention to increase office-based employees’ physical activity and reduce sedentary time in the workplace and (ii) to conduct a pilot to assess the potential of the study for large-scale study implementation.

The stealth marketing intervention used environmental and sustainability messages in office environments emphasising pro-environmental behaviour. Advertising in the form of posters included messages about saving energy by not using lifts and recycling. Environmental champions or ambassadors were recruited to support and reinforced the messages.

Observations of the distances and time walked in response to the environmental messages were recorded and compared to baseline physical activity measures.

Preliminary findings showed that physical activity increased through responses to pro-environmental behaviours messages and in post-study workshops participants considered it to be an acceptable and necessary way to promote environmental messages with a benefit for raising physical activity levels.

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