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Research opportunities for students

Research students are welcomed to our Centre as valued members of our thriving, research-intensive community. Find out more about Research Degrees in Brunel. A research degree provides the opportunity to investigate a topic in depth, and contribute new knowledge to your discipline. We are particularly interested in supervising students' research in the following areas, but this list is not exaustive. Please feel free to contact a suitable member of staff with your own ideas linking to the general theme of the centre. 

Current PhD research students and project topics
Mr A. Akhtar  Natural Language Voice User Interface for Intelligent HCI 
Miss P. Bharti  Measurement Information Management for Industry 4.0
Mr A. Fox  Sustainable Digital Furniture Manufacturing Using 3D Printing Robot
Mr J. Joaquin  Artificial Intelligence for Optimisation and Demand Side Response of Built Environment Management
Mr Y. Koucha  Bayesian Inference for Quality Engineering
Mr M. Wang  Novel Machine Learning for Object Recognition and Scene Understanding
Miss Y.  Zhao  Development of Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Framework for Smart Buildings