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Research areas

Concepts of social justice are central to our understanding of challenges such as climate change, poor health and wellbeing and how we respond to them.  There are also linkages to the research agenda around the implications of digitalisation, AI, big data and biosciences, as well as in health and social care, where a social justice lens would support new thinking on emerging technologies and practices.

Social justice is a useful starting point for addressing global challenges such as:

  • climate change,
  • poverty,
  • conflict and
  • inequality.

We build on existing expertise within disciplines such as law, sociology and anthropology, social work, allied health professions, education, arts and media, history and politics.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed that entrenched social and economic inequalities are being played out in new ways.  The pandemic lends a new urgency to tackling health-related and other inequalities linked to age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, faith affiliation and socio-economic status.  A social justice framework provides a strong starting point for learning the lessons of the pandemic and making sense of the social and economic adjustments that are likely to follow.