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PECVD system

Our PECVD system is capable of depositing hydrogenated diamond-like carbon coatings and silicated carbon coatings on most materials using an ambient temperature process.

PECVD machine

PECVD reactor

System capable of depositing DLC and silicated thin film coatings

System specifications include:

  • Large 50x50cm chamber allows for small scale batch production and coating of larger more complex components
  • Low temperature deposition
  • Silicated interlayer for improved adhesion
  • Large range of possible sample size and material


Our PECVD system

PECVD diagram

Diamond-like Carbon characteristics include:

  • Low friction and low adhesion surface
  • Hard but flexible therefore wear resistant
  • Chemically inert therefore corrosion resistant
  • Atomically dense therefore diffusion resistant
  • Biocompatible and anti-thrombogenic


DLC Properties

Co-efficient   of friction

0.1 – 0.2

Hardness   HV

900 - 4000

Electrical   resistivity

106 – 1212 Ωm

Corrosion   resistance

Acids, alkalis, saline – excellent

Diffusion   barriers

For biomedical – limits, Ni/Co/Cr+   migration

Coating   thickness

10 nm – 4 µm

Max   operating temperature

Continuous 250 °C

Intermittent 350 °C


1.5 – 2.2 x 103 kg/m3

Thermal   conductivity

0.7 W/m·K

Refractive   index

1.5 – 3.1

Deposition   temperature

Ambient to 200 °C

Mechanical engineering applications

  • Cutting inserts, Drills, saws.
  • Extrusion die, Injection mould
  • Gears, Web plates
  • Engine components

Bio-engineering applications

  • Catheter
  • Prosthetic replacement
  • Stents
  • Bypass Conduits
  • Drug Delivery

Other applications

  • Packaging
  • Moulds
  • Decorative / Jewellery