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Retinal image analysis


Project description

We perform the analysis of retinal images by detecting the eye structures such as the blood vessels and optic disc first. Then the retinal image is analysed to detect the suspicious lesion regions if any. The segmentation of blood vessel is based on the Graph Cut technique. In opposed to the traditional formulation of the graph which is normally ineffective for long, thin structures like the blood vessel, we have included the flux vectors in the graph construction and achieved better results on a number of public datasets. We have addressed the problem of optic disc segmentation based on prior blood vessel segmentation. Two different methods have been developed and evaluated: a direct extension of the Graph Cut method with a compensation factor to eliminate the interference of blood vessels, and the background reconstruction on the blood vessels using Markov Random Field. Based on the results of blood vessels and optic disc, a further detection and classification of suspicious lesion areas in the retinal is performed.


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