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COVID-19 healthcare interventions for Black and South Asian communities

Black and South Asian communities are more likely to die at a higher rate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people in the community, community leaders, government and the health services are concerned, and we need culturally specific, targeted messages to reduce COVID-19 risk and change behaviours to protect the community.

Our initial work has suggested that we need to educate diverse communities to understand their risk and how to protect themselves.

We have a track record in co-producing digital, culturally specific health messages for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups and this project does this in the context of COVID-19 and delivers these messages with the help of the community nationally.

We work with community groups, community and faith leaders and professionals from public health and allied health to produce written/pictorial guidance, short films and mobile app. We work with these groups to ensure that the messages reach minority groups and also evaluate the effectiveness of our health messages.

We will share information and experience gained from the project quickly via community leaders, policymakers, including NHS England and Public Health England

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Meet the Principal Investigator(s) for the project

Professor Jane Hendy - I am a Professor of Organisation Studies and the Dean of Brunel Business School. I joined the school in 2016, having previously held posts at Surrey Business School, Imperial College Business School, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and University College London.  Before pursuing an academic career I was a senior manager, consultant and advocate in the public sector. I regularly act as an advisor to business leaders looking to innovate. I research, consult and co-ordinate on large policy initiatives for government, applying organisational theory to leadership and innovation, both nationally and internationally. I regularly sit on commissioning panels for national and international healthcare funding bodies. I do research that is impactful, publishing in top medical journals and 4 star Business School ranked outputs.      During my work I have developed close links with the Cabinet Office and National and Local Government, providing consultancy on the development of policy-led initiatives for increasing innovation activity and system-access issues. Currently, I am researching Migrant's risk of communicable disease and their access to healthcare. Most recently, I am working on managing the risk of COVID-19 in BAME groups.        My research has been given as written evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee, and featured in national and international press. I recently gave a presentation to Cabinet Office on

Partnering with confidence

Organisations interested in our research can partner with us with confidence backed by an external and independent benchmark: The Knowledge Exchange Framework. Read more.

Project last modified 22/07/2021