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Factors influencing pain and physical activity in children

Walking and other types of weight-bearing activities can lead to several physiological benefits in children and lead to healthy growth according to current guidelines.

However, for certain populations, i.e. children with excess body weight, engaging in too much weight-bearing exercise can lead to detrimental effects which can lead to pain episodes or even injuries and form a barrier for physical activity engagement. Thus, in this case, a non-weight-bearing exercise that can provide the same physiological benefits is desirable.

The overall goal of this project was firstly, to investigate the association between physical activity intensity, physical activity type, joint loading and pain in children, and secondly to explore the barriers to active commuting on a bicycle as a means of non-weight bearing physical activity for children.

Research Outputs

Greca JP, Ryan J, Baltzopoulos V & Korff T (2019). Biomechanical evaluation of walking and cycling in children. J Biomech. Available online 12 Feb 2019.

Meet the Principal Investigator(s) for the project

Dr Thomas Korff

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