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Using Feedback

What Constitutes Feedback?

  • Written comments
  • Verbal discussions with your tutors or peers about an essay or presentation (this is usually after you finish your assignment, but can occur during the process too)
  • An exam or essay mark
  • Emails with your tutor
  • Discussing results, essay marks or feedback with your tutor about results from other staff

Why can't my Academic just do it for me?

REMEMBER: the purpose of feedback is not for your tutor to correct every single mistake, but to help you learn how to improve your work. If you have received feedback you don’t understand, prepare specific, targeted questions about it before going to see your tutor. This is a better use of your and your tutor’s time. 

It is important you take responsibility for your work. Your tutors are very busy so whilst you are entitled to get their advice, remember that you are also responsible for your own education. There is a lot you can do on your own to improve your work.

Who else can help?

TIP:  you can check with your department if it is possible to view model essays or exams. Remember to review marking criteria in your module guide or handbook. There are plenty of services available to help you with this and support you: ASK, the Library, the Disability and Dyslexia Centre and so forth.

It is important to learn from and with your peers. Talking about difficult concepts is a proven way to understand them better, so discuss with your peers and see what they think too. You could also form a study group or get a study partner to meet and discuss ideas and assignments which will also help you give feedback to others.

What techniques can I use?

  • Select two or three issues to improve on and prioritise
  • Consider which errors point to continuing issues or mistakes and split them between minor and major issues
  • Read through the comments and check that you understand them. If there is anything you don’t understand, either contact your tutor or come to an ASK appointment for clarification