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Government support

If you’re considering going to university, you may be eligible for Government support in the way of student finance, enabling you to borrow money to help pay for your tuition fees and living costs.

The main student finance package available includes:

  • Tuition fee loan
  • Maintenance loan for living costs

Tuition fee loans

  • Cover the cost of your tuition fees
  • Are paid directly to the University on your behalf
  • Must be paid back

Maintenance loans

  • Are available to help with your day-to-day living costs such as accommodation, bills, books, etc.
  • The loan is divided into three instalments and is paid directly into your bank account at the start of each term (September, January and April)
  • The amount you receive is means tested on your parents / household income
  • The loan must be paid back


  • You will only start to repay your loan in the April after the year you graduate
  • For new students starting university from 2018, repayments will start once you are earning over £25,000 per year
  • Repayments will be made through the tax system - this is taken as 9% of any earnings over £25,000

Extra Help

You may also be eligible for extra financial support during your studies - this could include Income Support, a Childcare Grant, an Adult Dependants' Grant or the Disabled Students' Allowance.

What could you be eligible for?

Use the Student Finance calculator to estimate what you may be eligible for through the loan package and other financial support available to you.

For more information visit the Student Finance website