Visiting Brunel

How to find Brunel

Brunel University London is based on a self-contained campus in Uxbridge, on the western edge of London.

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Uxbridge Tube station

Uxbridge now

Uxbridge is a short journey from the vibrant capital, offering the perfect balance between cosmopolitan city living and a tight knit diverse community.

Uxbridge has two indoor shopping centres, Intu Uxbridge and The Mall, both providing contemporary independent shopping experiences from Chris Blake Butchers to bigger departmental retailers such as Debenhams and Marks and Spencer. Alongside this, Uxbridge provides the only IMAX cinema in West London and stylish restaurants and bars.

There is also a Central Library situated in the heart of the town centre, a full Olympic size swimming pool, golf courses and plenty of parks and open spaces. Other than that, Uxbridge is a 20 minute underground tube journey to Central London via the Metropolitan and Piccadilly underground lines.

One of the many recent achievements of Uxbridge is being the home of a Gold Post Box due to our own Paralympic Gold Double Medalist Natasha Baker. Natasha Baker is a Grade II Paralympic Dressage Rider based in Uxbridge who achieved 3 Personal Bests, 2 Paralympic Records and 2 Gold Medals in the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Uxbridge then

One of the main historical events that Uxbridge was a part of was coordinating the air defence of the south-east of England during the Battle of Britain.

“The Battle of Britain was just as important to the history of our nation as Hastings, Trafalgar or Waterloo and it was the work carried out in the Bunker that helped us to win it." Sebastain Cox (56) head of the RAF's Historical Branch

The Bunker is the site from which most of the Battle of Britain was planned and controlled during the summer of 1940. Plotters marked the locations of enemy aircraft on the Bunker's giant map- table and controllers ordered the RAF's Hurricanes and Spitfires to scramble and intercept them. To find out more information about the Battle of Britain Bunker please visit:

Car Parking

Parking on Campus

Access to parking on Brunel's campus and the local area is very restricted and visitors are advised wherever possible to consider using alternative transport or, if choosing to drive, park in the local public car parks in Uxbridge Town Centre.

Drivers are reminded that they enter the campus at their own risk and are subject to the University's Traffic, Parking and Permit Regulations. Pay and Display parking is available on the main campus and the Sports Park. Entry is via Kingston Lane.

Parking restrictions are operational between 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

Parking Permits for visitors and staff are provided by the University’s main Reception desk located in the Eastern Gateway Building at the entrance to the University from Kingston Lane. A valid Brunel parking permit or Pay & Display ticket must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of your vehicle. 

You should only park in a bay pertaining to the type of permit issued or in a Pay & Display space if you have purchased a ticket. A vehicle not displaying a valid Brunel parking permit or Pay & Display ticket is at risk of receiving a Parking Charge Notice.

Please note that the Cleveland Road entrance is now closed and all vehicles must enter/exit the campus via Kingston Lane. (Users of satellite navigation devices should enter the postal address (e.g. Kingston Lane) rather than the postcode to ensure you are directed to the main entrance to the University).

Visitor Parking

If you have been issued a permit to park in advance, as you enter the campus you can turn either left or right at the first roundabout. At the barrier please use the key pad, press CLEAR followed by the PIN number XXXXX (printed on the reverse of the permit) and end the transaction by pressing ENT. If you have a problem accessing the barriers press the Security CALL button for advice. 

Once through the barrier proceed to the car parks and park in a designated parking bay as indicated on your permit.

If you have not been issued with a permit to park in advance, follow the signs to Main Reception within the Eastern Gateway. Please park in the 15-minute waiting area while you report to Reception. 

Enquiries – please contact the University’s main Reception service

Tel +44 (0)1895 265800


Opening Hours 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Map showing visitor parking
Further information on parking and directions to Brunel

Brunel Applicant and Open Day Visitors

Visitors coming to the University for a Brunel Applicant Day by car must check the specific parking arrangements for these events. For Saturday Open Days parking is unrestricted and generally there are no issues with parking on campus.

Parking and Travel Information for Brunel Applicant Days

If permits are unavailable on the day, visitors should consider alternative travel options or, if you have to drive, please use the local public car parks in Uxbridge Town Centre.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking bays are designated for use by disabled blue badge holders. The badge must be displayed clearly in your windscreen along with a valid Brunel parking permit.

Out of Hours Parking 

Parking restrictions are operational between 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

Visitors may use the Pay and Display car parks free of charge out of hours. Please press the Security CALL button for access. You may also park in a Red Dot or Student bay without a valid parking permit.

Parking is not permitted in:

  • any accessible bay unless you are displaying a valid disabled persons blue badge
  • double yellow lines
  • yellow hatched areas
  • green reserved bays
  • or an area likely to cause an obstruction.

Student parking

Non residential students who live outside a two-mile radius from Brunel may apply for an annual parking permit (chargeable) online via eVision which grants access to student parking areas on campus. Students must be fully enrolled to be eligible to apply.

Read specific information on student parking.

Delivery vehicles

For short delivery/drop off a vehicle permit is not required. Approach the campus via Kingston Lane and use the North or South Loop Road as appropriate. Press the Security CALL button at the barrier to talk to Security to gain access to the site. Your vehicle must not be parked or left unattended for more than 20 minutes otherwise you are at risk of receiving a Parking Charge Notice.

If you need to park on site or leave your vehicle unattended for more than 20 minutes please visit Main Reception, located in the Eastern Gateway Building.

All delivery vehicles must be considerate of others and avoid causing an obstruction or blocking emergency routes.

Parking for coaches/minibuses

Coaches and minibuses should enter campus via Kingston Lane. They must turn LEFT at the first roundabout and drive around the south perimeter road (South Loop Road) to the designated coach/minibus bays. The bays are located opposite the Heinz Wolff Building and are clearly marked. There are NO other parking bays for coaches.

Health, Safety and Security Information

Emergency procedures

In the event of a fire:
  • Operate the nearest fire alarm call point
  • Leave the building by the nearest available exit
  • Dial 999 for the Fire Brigade (9-999 if dialling internally)
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorised to do so
  • Disabled persons will be evacuated by trained personnel using evacuation chairs
  • Always follow the instructions of Security staff and the Emergency Services. This is for your own safety

For Ambulance or Police, Dial 999 (9-999 if dialling internally)

After any 999 call, please let Security know where to direct the Emergency Service
If you find a suspicious package, do not touch it, but contact Security immediately. Follow the directions given by Security staff in all cases.


The Security Office can be found at the side of the Wilfred Brown Building next to the main concourse. The Security Office is staffed 24 hours all year round by trained and professional security officers. You can contact Security by dialling 66943 internally or 01895 255786 from an outside line.


For the purposes of crime prevention and public safety an extensive CCTV system operates throughout the campus. This is all monitored and controlled from the security control room. Any questions or concerns about CCTV should be directed to a member of the security staff.

Access control

You will be issued with an access control swipe card that will allow you to have access to the various areas that you need to be whilst at the University. You should look after your card since there is a fee for its replacement. Never lend your card to anyone else or use it to let other people into areas for which they have not been allowed access.

You must not attempt to gain access into areas where you have not specifically been granted permission to enter. Staff should attend Reception in Eastern Gateway Building for issue of ID Cards and students should go to the Student Centre.

Traffic and parking

You are expected to drive safely whilst on the campus and comply with the speed limit of 15 mph. Your vehicle must be taxed, insured and roadworthy. You will be informed which areas you are allowed to park in and any vehicle parked in an unauthorised area that is not displaying a valid parking permit or a current road fund licence will be clamped.

Drink and drugs

Illegal substances are not to be used anywhere within the University or halls of residence. Anyone found using, possessing or dealing in drugs will be handed to the police and will be subject to disciplinary action.

The University hosts an active nightlife with a number of good bars and great entertainment. You are warned however about the dangers of binge drinking, which is hazardous to your health and often ends in trouble.

Crime prevention

Brunel University has extensive security measures in place to keep crime to a minimum. Generally speaking Brunel University is a very safe place to live and work and boasts some of the lowest crime figures in the Hillingdon Borough. Crime is a fact of life however and instances of petty theft and burglary do occur from time to time. Mobile phones, laptop computers, credit cards, bicycles etc are all attractive targets for theft, particularly when left on open view in cars, in unlocked cars or in flats where doors and windows have not been properly secured. If you live in a ground floor flat you should be particularly careful what could be seen through the window when you are not there. Report any thefts or other crimes to security immediately.

Personal safety

Any kind of personal attack is a very rare occurrence but it does not pay to take chances. Pay attention to your personal safety at all times. When walking around at night try and stick to well populated paths and not take short cuts through secluded areas.

Where possible, walk with a friend or if you are particularly worried ask a member of the Security team to escort you. Stay away from what may appear to be groups of troublemakers or people loitering suspiciously. Consider purchasing a personal attack alarm.

Contact security immediately if you see anything suspicious.

General behaviour and discipline

Nobody wants to stop you enjoying life to the full at Brunel University. Some high-spirited behaviour is generally acceptable and is usually viewed with a sense of humour. There is however no excuse for unruly, offensive or anti-social behaviour.

Abusive, offensive, threatening and disorderly behaviour is not tolerated and will be dealt with under disciplinary procedures, particularly behaviour that puts yourself or others at risk of harm or injury. Excessive drink is normally the cause, but is never accepted as an excuse. Please respect our neighbours, particularly when leaving the Academy nightclub.

Terrorism and extremism

It is an unfortunate fact of life today that we are at continual risk from terrorist attacks and also from the activities of extremist groups who may try to recruit new members. It is the responsibility of all students and staff to be alert to the possibility of terrorist activity and also to the appearance of any extremist groups.

Good security and normal crime prevention measures are the key to defeating terrorism and you are urged to contact Security if you notice anything suspicious. You can also call the police Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

Students particularly should be cautious of any groups who might appear to offer comradeship and support but who preach radical and extremist doctrines which encourage violence and race hate crimes. Such groups should be reported immediately to Security and to the UBS Executive.

Student confidential crimeline

At Brunel we operate a Student Confidential Crimeline where you can discuss any concerns you have about security or criminal activity in confidence and anonymously if you wish.

Page last updated: Monday 04 March 2013