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Rules and Regulations

Brunel University London rules and regulations can be found below:

Freedom of Information Act

As a public authority, the University must comply with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act which allows anyone to request a copy of recorded information that we hold (subject to certain exemptions). Some of the information covered under the Act must be provided proactively. This is disclosed in our Guide to information (PDF).

Statement on Free Speech

Brunel University London’s mission is “to bring benefit to society through excellence in education, research and knowledge transfer”.  In carrying out this mission, we recognise that through diversity comes strength and bringing in new and different people with new and different ideas advance organisations.  Whilst we are committed to ensuring that all our staff and students are afforded the same opportunities to succeed, we are also fully aware of the systemic and structural barriers that are experienced by under-represented and marginalised groups. For these reasons, tackling these barriers and ensuring inclusion and equity for all is a key focus of our Equality Diversity & Inclusion strategy, our Education and Research strategies and our Access and Participation plans.

There are many tools available to universities to address long-term inequities and support an increasingly diverse student and staff body. As an initiative, the Race Equality Charter (REC) has been an immensely beneficial framework for universities to understand their own relationship between ethnicity, education and inequality. Brunel University London has committed to engage with the REC self-assessment process in 2023. In order to identify our strengths and weaknesses in promoting race equity we will be analysing quantitative data but also importantly listening to the voices of both our international community and staff and students from ethnic minorities. Through this process we will be able to develop tailored actions to bring about long-lasting and sustainable change that supports equality, diversity and inclusion in our community and culture.

The autonomy of Brunel and all other UK universities is an essential prerequisite to their international reputation. Academic excellence necessarily flows from academic freedom, and with our diverse staff and student population, Brunel welcomes diversity of thought and constructive challenge and open debate. However, we do recognise that this debate must be lawful and we will not tolerate hate speech against individuals with any protected characteristic. We have a robust code of practice to support our commitment to freedom of speech within the law which can be found here. Brunel has also benefitted hugely from its partnerships with national and international external organisations without this being detrimental to our commitment to the principle of freedom of speech. As we move forward, we will continue to prioritise engagement with the whole of our university community and with external organisations so that we can fulfil our mission and build on our standing as a world-renowned institution.

Summary of our Terms

In addition to the contractual information sections contained in the undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses such as course descriptions, financial and general information, students will be subject to the terms and conditions stated in our offer letters and our University's Statutes, Council Ordinances and Senate Regulations and all of our rules, policies and procedures from time to time in force.

The Summary of Terms and Disclaimer contain important information which all students are advised to read before accepting an offer/registering.

Summary of terms

Records Management

The University is committed to managing its records as outlined in the Records management policy.