Professor Zahir Irani

 Zahir IraniProfessor Zahir Irani is Dean of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences and Head of Brunel Business School.

"I was appointed Head of Brunel Business School in September 2006 having previously been Head for Information Systems and Computing within Brunel University London.

As Head of the Brunel Business School, my main job is to provide strategic leadership to ensure the ongoing success and growth of the School. My priority since my appointment has been to look at ways of expanding the School and of raising its profile both in the UK and abroad.

For me, research and entrepreneurial activity should be at the core of a modern business school, and with that in mind, I have introduced a number of measures aimed at expanding such activities so that we can attract the best students and staff. 

I believe strongly in Brunel University London’s research-intensive ethos. All university teaching staff should be underpinned by strong research profiles and for the Business School in particular, it is important that this research, when appropriate, is undertaken by engaging with industry so we can continue to promote knowledge transfer.

I also consider it important for me personally to remain research active. My own area of research interest is information systems evaluation, specifically, within the context of electronic Government.

The research group that I developed explores how to increase organisational efficiency and effectiveness through better exploiting information technology and resulting business systems, and through an increased understanding of their impact on human and organisational processes.

I recently led a Government funded project that researched the future directions of electronic Government such that 'e-participation' lies at the genesis of the Government's transformational agenda. I also continue to be actively involved in the supervision of a number of the College’s PhD students.

I find it particularly exciting to guide and encourage students to carry out research at doctoral level. In terms of research dissemination, I was rated by Information & Management, the leading Information Systems journal, as being its most productive European author."

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