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How to set up a comfortable study space for online learning

Posted: July 07 2020

With all the issues that our world is facing today because of the pandemic, we were forced to stay at home during our lessons to keep ourselves and everyone safe as well. However, this does not mean that you cannot be comfortable in your comfort zone and your place while learning valuable lessons we’re being taught from our tutors.

I am going to give you the best tips I have discovered and applied during the time I was home away from university that kept me in check, organized, and focused as well. 

1. It is essential to find a quiet space or zone for attending your classes, whether it is your room, living room, attic, or basement. 

2. Make sure you create an effective and operative workspace for studying your lessons. Studying in bed will barely keep you focused, and from my personal experience, most probably you’ll end up falling asleep during your online classes. So make sure you do not do that. 

3. Organize your files and books in a way where it is pretty easy to reach and grab

4. Schedule your time in a way where you make sure you have time to study and relax with the ones you’re quarantining with. (Facetime your friends, however, make sure you do not see them, or stay 6 feet away!) 

5. Establish a routine you can work on daily. Establishing a routine can keep you organized and will keep you remembering important dates and work to do 

6. Put your plans into action! Do not write down things you want to do the night before and then end up procrastinating the entire day on Netflix. Trust me based on personal experience this won’t end up well for you 

7. Make sure you have your phone turned off. Leaving your phone on can keep you distracted until the end of your lesson. So make sure you keep your phone off during the time you’re studying or working so that you can bring out your maximum effort and maintain good results. 

Make sure during this tough time you make the best out of it. Stay close to your family and make sure you keep in touch with your friends and parents throughout this technological advancement we are blessed to have during this pandemic. Stay safe and work hard!