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7 ways university is different to college

Posted: September 23 2019

Aurily, Life Sciences BSc
Aurily, Life Sciences BSc

Starting university might seem a bit overwhelming. The same way people are intrigued by the Dark Side of the Moon or an unexplored jungle, the unknown always seems scary and university is no less.

After spending most of your life preparing for this moment, entering this stage may seem like a huge leap. That is why we want to help you overcome this adaptation period as smoothly as possible so you can enjoy your time at Brunel to the fullest!

brunel student studying in library

Timetable and Time Management

One of the things that could be shocking are the timetables. Every week classes change time and place so you’ll have to organise yourself to work around an irregular study routine. Finding time for your hobbies while studying is hard but not impossible, you just need to find order in the chaos of student life.


You may find most of your lectures do not have compulsory attendance so it will be up to you if you go or not. Attending class, listening to the teacher and writing down notes might help you prepare for your exams and assignments. So even though skipping won’t affect your final marks, you should probably consider what works best for you.

Grocery store at Brunel University London


As you have probably noticed, university is a lot more expensive than college. But tuition is not the only thing that you will have to pay for. If you move out of your parents’ house to live closer to your university you will also have to consider the rent, groceries and transport. Try making a list of all the things you need and adapt it to your budget, but don’t forget to leave some money for leisure activities!

Laboratory skills session at Brunel University London

Class sizes

Classes can have more than a hundred students and you may find they are different in each module. Building friendships can appear hard but don’t worry, with time, you’ll find people from the lab or from a group presentation. Just be patient! If not you could always hang out with the people from your residence.

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Brunel University is a very diverse space. Loads of international students come from around the world to experience the advantages and quality of British education. If you come from outside the UK Brunel has societies where you’ll be able to meet other people that share your nationality, language, or religion. You will learn about different cultures while still feeling at home!

Student accommodation study space at Brunel University London


Once you start your first term in uni you’ll get assigned a timetable and a list of assignments. Your teacher won’t run after you to remind you of all the deadlines, you will have to organise yourself to make sure you hand your work in on time.

Asking for Help

As classes are really big, you won’t be able to get the same attention from the teacher as you did in college. When classes have hundreds of people and teachers only recognise you by a student ID you will have to take control and ask for help when you need it because even though teachers would like to help you, sometimes it is simply impossible.