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How to be productive during quarantine

Posted: April 06 2020

Margarida, Creative Writing

In just a short time we had our lives turned upside down and all the productivity tips we’ve seen before (such as going to the library or studying with friends) are now impossible.

Since most of us still have online lectures, assignments, and exams, managing to be productive while having to stay at home can be a struggle. Here are five ways to help you be productive during quarantine.


Create a routine

Try to mimic a typical university day and set an alarm to wake up as well as having a specific time to finish working for the day so you can have some relaxing time in the evenings. Follow this routine every weekday and have a rest on the weekends.

Make a to-do list

It can be overwhelming to think about every assignment due and what to study for the upcoming exams. Make a to-do list with everything you have to do so you can keep track and individual lists of daily goals to keep you motivated.

female student at desk in Brunel halls

Establish boundaries by creating a separate space for doing work

If you can, try to have a separate area for doing work and don’t allow any distractions there. This way, you will train your brain to focus. Studying on your bed can be comfortable, but are you really productive?

Brunel student hall kitchen

Make sure you have free time

It’s important to have breaks in order to be productive. Make sure you have some free time in-between working to exercise, cook, start a new hobby or just sit on your phone – whatever you want!

student with headset

Stay connected

Avoid totally isolating yourself. Talking to friends or family on social media can actively avoid anxiety stress during these difficult times, and no one is productive when they’re feeling stressed or anxious.

With all that said, it is OK to not be productive during this stressful time. Make sure you take care of yourself and those close to you as health always comes first.

Stay home. Stay safe.