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Brunel cyber

Brunel University London takes the protection of its information assets seriously. Our programmes of work to ensure we are cyber resilient supports the nature of our teaching, work and research, and importantly acts as a strategic business enabler demonstrating our commitment to our commercial partners, research groups, and third parties we work with. To meet the ever increasing threats and risks, we have published a new Cyber and Information Security Strategy that increases our capability and resilience during the period 2017-2022. This can be seen here:

  • Password security
  • Protect your devices
  • Email safety tips
  • How to avoid cyber attacks
  • Spotting social engineering
  • Types of malware and how to deal with them
  • How to spot and stop phishing attacks
  • Data encryption
  • Backing up your data
  • The value of your information
  • How to send sensitive information
  • Cyber and InfoSec policies
  • Cyber and InfoSec strategy
  • Training and awareness

Cyber and Information Security Group

The BUL Cyber and Information Security Group exists to support the university in its management of information risk, providing strategic guidance, advice, and support to both staff and students. We are currently aligning our activities to information security best practice and ISO/IEC 27001, operating to an Information Security Management System (ISMS), driven by an intelligence led, risk-based approach.

If you would like to discuss any information security matters, please feel free to contact us.

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