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About us

Brunel Cyber and Information Security Group

What we do...

We provide a range of risk, assurance and compliance services as well as undertaking operational activities within the cyber, information security and data protection domains.


Governance Services

  • Information Security Policies, Procedures and Standards
  • Information Risk Management, Compliance, and audits
  • Information Security Management System Support
  • Information Security Awareness

Operational Services

  • Information Security Incident Management
  • Information Security Monitoring
  • Information Security Technical Testing

The Governance, Risk and Compliance Team

Our team helps colleges, directorates and departments to understand and manage their own information security risks in line with university policy. We support all of our business units by:

  • Managing the university Information Security Management System (ISMS) and policy framework ensuring it’s up to date and fit for purpose – supporting business units to implement it.
  • Managing the online information security awareness module and delivering other training and awareness campaigns as an enduring service.
  • Managing the university’s information security risk management process.
  • Working with IT staff across the university to ensure our IT security environments are resilient
  • Managing the university information security compliance programme to deliver overarching information assurance for our organisation and our partners and stakeholders.

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