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An intellectual culture around education

The Brunel community benefits from having students and staff from all over the world; a world that is more connected than ever as a result of technological innovations, but that faces a series of complex challenges. We want our students to become active citizens that contribute to tackling these global challenges, which means our curricula must deliver Education for Sustainable Development, be outward‑looking and informed by diversity, inclusion and social justice.

To make the above commitments possible, it is imperative that our staff are supported to provide thought leadership, advance their research-informed teaching practice and build an evidence-base for pedagogy that supports transformative learning and develop students in ways to which we aspire. While formal training is part of this offering, it is equally important to strengthen the intellectual culture around teaching, fostering an innovative and inspiring community that encourages creativity and experimentation without fear of failure. We want our staff to contribute to scholarship and influence the global discourse on 21st century education, including anti-racism and fully inclusive curricula, and to model the lifelong approach to learning we want to engender in our students.

We will engage staff – academic and professional – and students in our endeavour to create a learning community that reflects our principles, values and aspirations. We will extend excellent practice such as peer-mentoring of teaching and build on innovative initiatives such as the Brunel Academy for Transformation of Teaching and Academy Fellows. To capitalise on the value we know our students can bring to our learning and teaching community, we will actively seek to increase and diversify existing opportunities to co-create their learning experiences.

Actions and Priorities

What are we trying to achieve?

An engaged, inspirational and outward-looking community of staff and students that collectively creates an active, inclusive and socially just educational experience. 


We want to prepare our students for a fast-changing and unpredictable world, able to tackle the challenges they will face in their professional lives and as members of society. Our staff are key to providing a life-enriching education, and need to be supported to reimagine teaching in a technology-enabled world where boundaries between disciplines, and between instructor and learner, are becoming increasingly blurred.

Progress in 2021/2022

The Academic Professional Development Unit more than doubled the number of CPD sessions (to 65) and provided bespoke support to those seeking SFHEA recognition. The two-day Learning and Teaching Festival had contributions from students, including a keynote lecture.

We have engaged with staff across all departments and a selection of students to gather a range of views on belonging, community and working in partnership, which is captured in the ‘Community’ report.

Achievements: We received a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence 2022 for the Design School’s Made in Brunel initiative.

Creative Writing Professor Benjamin Zephaniah was elected as a British Academy Honorary Fellow 

Our priorities for 2022/2023

  • Prioritise and implement recommendations from the Community report.