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Education and Student Experience Strategy

Our Education and Student Experience Strategy supports the Brunel 2030 Vision of engaging and inspiring students through research‑informed teaching and experiential learning to become global citizens who can make a difference.

Access to education is a fundamental human right and higher education has the power to be transformative for both the individual and wider society. As a University we recognise that we have a responsibility to contribute to this by opening up access to those who will benefit from our provision, supporting their academic achievement and preparing them for successful futures. 

We thrive as a university because of our staff, our civic and business engagement in West London, and extensive network of partners across the world. Our education as well as research and innovation are locally and globally relevant. Strong connections with business, industry, creative arts, health care providers, government, schools and academic institutions inform teaching and create opportunities for students to engage with the wider society.

Our ambition is to provide a student-centred and life-enriching education that gives students self-assurance and resilience to positively impact their own and others’ lives and to face a future perhaps not yet imagined. This strategy builds on our strengths and continued commitment to all our students and their educational experiences, and sets out five commitments that will ensure our students and staff are ready to meet the challenges of a fast-changing and unpredictable world.