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Brunel University London: An Exempt Charity

Facts, figures and key university information

Legal name

The university’s legal name is "Brunel University London”. The words ”Brunel University” and "Brunel University London" are registered trade-marks and “Brunel University London” is its brand identity.

The correspondence address for Brunel University London is:

Brunel University London
Kingston Lane
UB8 3PH 


The university’s casualty (employers’ liability and public liability) insurers are Zurich Municipal and our policy is number NHE-01CA29-0013. Zurich’s portal ID is C00108, and postal address is Zurich Municipal, Education Team, 3rd Floor, PO Box 568, 1 East Parade, Leeds, LS1 2AA

Governance and Constitution

Brunel University London exists by virtue of a Royal Charter first granted in 1966. Its governing body is called the Council and comprises a mix of independent members, staff and students of our university. The University is an exempt charity as defined by the Charities Act 2011.

The Council appoints the Vice-Chancellor and other senior officers. Its powers, duties and functions are set out in full in the Charter. Council has established a range of Committees to carry out its work.

The academic governing body of the University is the Senate, which is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. Senate's powers, duties and functions are set out in the Ordinances, and it has established a number of Committees to assist it in its work.

Information about our council members

Trade Union Facility Time (Publication Requirements) Regulations 

Facility Time Report 2017-18

Facts and figures

You can find the yearly breakdown of our facts and figures in the PDF documents below. 

This information includes:

  • student numbers
  • application numbers
  • employment statistics
  • income and expenditure
  • research income
  • staff numbers
  • ethnicity breakdown

Academic year 2018 - 19
Academic year 2017 - 18
Academic year 2016 - 17
Academic year 2015 - 16
Academic year 2014 - 15
Academic year 2013 - 14
Academic year 2012 - 13
Academic year 2011 - 12
Academic year 2010 - 11
Academic year 2009 - 10