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Undergraduate External Examiners

External Examiners carry out a vital role for the University and provide one of the principal means by which it maintains threshold academic standards. The role is an integral and essential part of institutional quality assurance.

Further information about External Examining can be found in Senate Regulation 4.

For queries concerning the External Examining process please contact external@brunel.ac.uk in the first instance.


Please note that it is not appropriate for you to make direct contact with the External Examiner(s) for your programme (or modular/assessment block).

If you have any queries concerning your individual performance or achievement, or any other issues about your programme of study, you should speak to your tutor or other specified point of contact in your Department to discuss your particular situation.

If you wish to challenge a decision of a Board of Examiners, you should submit an Academic Appeal.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the University's provision, you may wish to submit a Formal Complaint

If you would like to be involved with the quality management process through which the university considers and responds to its External Examiners please contact your College Education Manager in the first instance.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences

Aerospace Engineering

Professor Alfredo Pinelli (2019-2023), City, University of London

Chemical Engineering

Professor Semali Perera (2019-2023), University of Bath

Civil Engineering

Professor Gerard Parke (2017-2022), University of Surrey

Computer Science

Dr Stephen Gulliver (2017-2022), University of Reading
Dr Ed De Quincey (2019-2023). Keele University


Professor Peter Ford (2018-2022), Nottingham Trent University
Dr Avril Thomson (2018 - 2022), University of Strathclyde

Electronic and Computer Engineering

Professor John David (2017-2021), University of Sheffield
Professor Rebecca Cheung (2017-2021), University of Edinburgh
Mr Alan Lewis (2019 - 2023), London South Bank University
Dr Edgar Whitley (2020 - 2024), London School of Economics and Political Science

For delivery in Chongqing University (China)
Professor Muhammad Imran  (2018-2022), University of Glasgow
Professor Yi Huang (2018-2022), University of Liverpool

Flood and Coastal Engineering

Professor Ian Guymer (2017-2021), University of Sheffield


Professor Gregory Gutin (2017-2021), Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Michael Pitt (2019-2023), King's College London
Dr John Meyer (2021-2025), University of Birmingham

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Ricardo Martinez-Botas (2020-2024), Imperial College London
Dr Darron Dixon-Hardy (2020-2024), University of Leeds

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences

Accountancy & Finance

Dr Androniki Triantafylli (2019-2023), Queen Mary University of London


Dr Catherine Allerton (2019-2022), London School of Economics and Political Science

Arts & Humanities

Professor Vicky Karkou (2019-2023), Edge Hill University


Dr Kaitlynn Mendes (2018-2022), University of Leicester


Dr Shaun Bevan (2018-2022), University of Edinburgh
Dr Vivien Burrows 
(2020-2024), University of Reading


Dr Kirstin Lewis (2018-2023), Goldsmiths, University of London

English & Creative Writing

Dr John Terence Gilmore (2018-2022), University of Warwick
Dr Kimberly Campanello (2020-2024), University of Leeds
Dr Caroline Magennis (2021-2025), University of Salford

Games Design

Dr Panagiotis Fotaris (2019-2023), University of Brighton

Global Challenges

Dr Elizabeth Hauke (2019-2023), Imperial College London


Dr Shaun Bevan (2018-2022), University of Edinburgh
Professor Annika Mombauer (2019-2022), The Open University

Human Resource Management

Dr Elina Meliou (2021-2024), Aston University

International Business

Dr Sarah Xiao (2019-2023), Durham University

Journalism and Culture

Dr Gabriel Moreno-Esparza (2018-2022), Northumbria University


Dr Henrique Carvalho (2021-2025), University of Warwick
Ms Mairead Enright (2018-2022), University of Birmingham
Dr Oana Andreea Stefan (2020 - 2024), King's College London
Dr Ioannis Glinavos (2021 - 2024), University of Westminster
Professor Thomas Lundmark (2020 - 2024), University of Hull
Professor Rosemary Auchmuty (2017-2021), University of Reading
Dr Emmanuel Voyiakis (2019-2023), London School of Economics
Dr Orkun Akseli (2021 - 2024), Durham University


Prof Sameer Hosany (2020-2024), Royal Holloway University
Dr Ying Xie (2021-2025), Anglia Ruskin University
Dr Rachel English (2020-2024), De Montfort University
Dr Marwa Tourky (2019-2023), University of Exeter
Dr Romano Dyerson (2019-2023), Royal Holloway, University of London

Media Studies

Dr Kaitlynn Mendes (2018-2022), University of Leicester

Military and International History

Professor John Keiger (2017-2021), University of Cambridge


Dr Tom Armstrong (2018-2022), University of Surrey


Dr Shaun Bevan (2018-2022), University of Edinburgh
Professor Annika Mombauer (2019-2022), The Open University
Professor Maria Sobolewska (2019-2023), University of Manchester

Professional Police Practice

Dr Adrian James (2021-2024), Liverpool John Moores University

Screen Media

Dr Malcolm Cook (2019-2022), University of Southampton
Dr John Terence Gilmore
(2018-2022), University of Warwick
Dr Mark Goodall (2019-2023), University of Bradford
Dr Louise Owen (2019-2023), Birkbeck, University of London


Dr Catherine Allerton (2019-2023), London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
Dr Shaun Bevan (2018-2022), University of Edinburgh
Dr Gareth Stanton (2018-2022), Goldsmiths, University of London


Dr John Terence Gilmore (2018-2022), University of Warwick
Dr Louise Owen (2019-2023), Birkbeck, University of London

College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Biomedical Sciences

Dr Stephane Gross (2018-2022), Aston University
Dr Christopher Talbot (2019 - 2022), University of Leicester
Dr Louise Jones (2021 - 2025), University of York


Dr Esther Bell (2020 -2024), King's College London

Community Health & Public Health

Ms Judith Murphy (2017-2022), University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
Dr Alan Massey (2017-2022), University of Chester

Environmental Sciences

Dr Eduarda Santos (2017-2021), University of Exeter

Nursing Associate

Dr Melissa Owens (2019-2023), University of Bradford

Occupational Therapy 

Dr Juliette Truman (2019-2023), Bournemouth University
Mrs Sue Delport (2021-2024), Cardiff University              


Dr Harriet Shannon (2016-2021), UCL, University of London


Dr Mark Burgess (2019-2023), Oxford Brookes University
Dr Chris Wagstaff (2017-2021), University of Portsmouth
Dr David Smith (2021-2025), University of Hull
Dr Henriette Hogh (2021-2025), University of Chichester

Sport Science

Professor Craig Williams (2018-2022), University of Exeter
Dr Jayne Caudwell (2019-2021), Bournemouth University
Dr Peter Coffee (2020-2024), University of Stirling

Brunel Language Centre

Dr Simon Webster (2017-2021), University of Leeds
Ms Victoria Hart (2021-2025), The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Other Programmes



The above lists of External Examiners are updated on a regular basis.