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Stylus at Brunel

Quotes on Stylus at Brunel

Design Futures has been a key element of the Brunel University’s Design Masters programme since 2002. The processes, tools and insights used are continually changing, just as is our perception of the future.

One constant element, however, is our students engaging with leading industry speakers, including Sir Terence Conran, Wally Olins CBE and representatives from just about major every agency and design organisation in London.

This year a new approach was introduced and the whole of the first day in the lecture series was hosted by the Innovation Trends Agency Stylus. The audience was also extended to other departments and staff within Brunel and our Design Alumni.

Three speakers presented from Stylus: 

Joanne Murphy, Strategic Account Director, looked at Macro Trends such as the future of work, education and our environments in her presentation on the Work/Life Revolution.

Christian Ward, Head of Media and Marketing, talked about the rise and rise of Invisible Marketing, covering topics as diverse as chat-bots and the intriguingly described ‘The emotional third space of consumer sentiment…’ You can get a free report expanding on Christian’s talk here

Dewi Pinatih, Senior Editor for Product Design captured the audience’s attention with advice and examples on How to Spot a Trend, breaking down how trends such as The Business of Wellbeing go from fringe interest to big business, or accepted norms.

Students taking part in the talks said.... ‘amazing, informative, great experience’ (Faisal Tayan); ‘Inspiring and mind opening’ (Alex Roquero); ‘Need to “update our lenses and go off grid”’ (Abhisikta Roy); ‘You inspired me’ (Chalita Jindasakchai) ; ‘Future … a little Ai scary!!’ (Tong Wu); ‘Engaging and Passionate speakers’ (Reza Ali); ‘Trends are bigger than brands, when you nail the trend, you nail the brand’ (Ting Hsu) and perhaps philosophically commented …‘The future is as scary or as beautiful as we shape it…’ (Pham Quoc Huy)

Interested in working with Stylus?
Stylus are always on the lookout for talented designers to join their team. To see their latest opportunities, including a London-based Advisory Researcher working with our guests last week, visit Stylus vacancies