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Initial Teacher Education Vision and Aims

Brunel’s Education department have set vision and aims which enable us to provide a high-quality teaching experience to our students.

We embrace diversity and promote equality, recognising and celebrating contributions made by all teachers. We support and empower members of our teacher education community to achieve individual and collective goals; from student teachers in initial teacher education through to mentors and senior leaders supporting ITE or school colleagues, through our continuum of academic awards or professional learning opportunities offered through the Partnership.

The above statement underpins the learning and teaching which takes place as part of the Brunel University London Partnership, as demonstrated in the vision and aims outlined below.

Our vision:

  • For our teaching and practice, contestable knowledge exchange, based on research and research activity to be at the centre of a local, national and global initial and ongoing teacher education community
  • For our ongoing teacher education community to inspire all student teachers to work, think and learn together to meet the challenges of education for the future in a range of contexts
  • For all aspects of our work in teacher education to align with and contribute to UN sustainable development goals in relation to education and the promotion of inclusive and socially just societies.
  • To contribute to the development of a flexible and diverse teacher workforce who are prepared to meet the challenges of and contribute to an ever-changing educational landscape. Our vision places equality and diversity at the heart of all we do and inspires us to excel by working together to maximise the benefits of our diversity

Our aims:

  • To ensure that supporting pupils’ educational progress and development is at the heart of our IT provision, taking account of their varied backgrounds and educational needs.
  • To prepare the teacher education community, with a sustained commitment to offering young people the best possible educational experiences.
  • To support student teachers to develop into socially responsible professionals who work towards a more just society upholding the highest standards of ethical practice.
  • To create competent and confident professionals who are independent thinkers, recognising and understanding that educating is a professional, thoughtful and intellectual endeavour and that knowledge is contestable, provisional and contingent, with the capacity to use theory and research to underpin, empowered to challenge or illuminate practice in their professional contexts.
  • To promote critical enquiry-rich practice, enabling our student teachers to be intellectually curious, innovative, creative and receptive to new ideas through individual and collaborative endeavour.
  • To inspire our student teachers to be dedicated professionals with the knowledge, skills and understanding to design and teach a curriculum for a changing world but one that is informed by principles of equality and social justice and innovative and creative pedagogical practice.