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My Uni Essentials

Posted: April 19 2019

Keturah, Biomedical Sciences
Keturah, Biomedical Sciences

Here are some of my personal uni essentials. These may not be typical things you see on generic uni checklists, but these items come in very useful at some point in the year!

1) Proof of ID

Firstly, you’ll need a valid passport and your national insurance number (and driver’s license if you have one). These are essential for applying to jobs, proof of ID for nights out and student orientated deals. 

2) Discount deals

On the note of student deals, I advise you soak them up. Free stuff and discounts should be your best friends at university. Grab all your student discount cards – TFL Oyster card, NUS Extra card. You can get help with your TFL Oyster card at the Brunel Student Centre. Here is the link for TFL photocard application

*MORE DISCOUNT* Download the Unidays app or sign up for the desktop version here: With Unidays, you can get discount on Apple Music, Spotify. restaurants and online shops!

3) Money

You’ll need your bankcard and pound sterling cash for things like laundry or buying snacks for revision. International students, please bear in mind the update to which coins are valid in the UK now.

4) Hot water bottle

hot water bottle because your radiator may not be enough during the colder seasons of the year. Your radiator isn’t portable, but your bottle is, this can be great for late night library sessions.

5) Inspiration

Bringing your religious textcan be a good way of keeping you grounded at University and to remind you of who you are. Even if you aren’t religious.

6) Music

Musical instruments can be a good stress reliever and something fun to pass free time rather than be on your phone 24/7   If you don’t play instruments or don’t know how to, you can sign up to classes at our on campus Arts Centre.

7) Sliders

Sliders are the epitome of convenience for student life, comfortable and trendy.

8) Door stop

door stop can break the ice with your new flat mates during Welcome Week, especially move in day. Leaving your door open is definitely optional but it’s a great gesture to show you’re open to making friends.

9) Board games

Deck of cards + board games again can be a great ice-breaker for making new friends. You could even make it an on-going games night.