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Top tips for International students

Posted: March 28 2019

Manpreet, Physiotherapy MSc
Manpreet, Physiotherapy MSc

Hello Everyone!

Being an international student can be very challenging as you need to get used to a new environment and may be in a completely different situation than back home and on top of that maintaining good study habits! Here is what I have found during my first 6 months here at Brunel from Canada.

  1. Be open to meeting new people and making new friends from all across the world because it will make your transition that much easier knowing that your fellow classmates might be going through the same thing as you. Also, people share different ideas, living tricks, food ideas, and study tips so it is always good to make friends and interact with as many people as possible. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! :)

  2. Try a sport or take on a new hobby. Living in a new place will be exactly that....NEW! London has so much to offer so take advantage of it! The Union of Brunel Students has over 100 Societies and if none of those interest you, you can start your own!! Brunel also has a ton of sports clubs and they have competitive and casual teams as well so it is open to any level of experience. DO NO BE AFRAID! :)

  3. TRAVEL!!!! Wherever you have come from, you are now in Europe and thankfully it is very affordable to travel to different countries within Europe once you have landed. Weekend trips are very possible and it can be a way to relieve some stress and get away from the books.

  4. Make sure you SMILE!!! It is very contagious and it can make someone's day! Be happy and motivated that you have taken control of your life and are embarking on this experience at Brunel. Look forward into the future whether you plan to stay in the UK or go back home BUT stay in the moment and enjoy these days as not many people in the world get to have the experience of being an international student.


Good luck everyone!!