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New article on the policy challenges of digital and convergent technologies by Dr Anita Howarth

A new paper by Brunel's Dr Anita Howarth has just been published by Postdigital Science and Education. The article, Lecture Capture Policies: A Survey of British Universities, explores the policy challenges of digital technologies. You can read more about the publication from the abstract below and access it on the journal website.

"The integration of digital and convergent technologies into the classroom poses policy level challenges for universities, as these constitute a wider process of digitalization and marketization of the higher education institutions (HEIs) ranging from open access publishing to augmenting pedagogy through learning platforms. Digital technologies not only augment teaching and learning, they present HEIs with a multitude of challenges from copyright of third-party materials to performance rights. This paper surveyed lecture capture policies in 149 British universities in 2015–2016. As mobile and capture technologies become part of the classroom and extend their construction beyond the physical realms, this paper assesses the policy challenges that have emerged with the incorporation of lecture capture technologies into HEIs. Lecture capture is part of the ‘digitalization’ of the HEI sector, illuminating both the investments into digital modes of delivery and dissemination and in tandem the numerous challenges (structural, pedagogic, legal and ethical) that face the sector today through the increasing incorporation of technologies into everyday teaching practices, policy and delivery."