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WISEflow for moderators

Click on the links below to access WISEflow resources for moderators and reviewers:

Assessment deadline extensions

The end of the assessment period outlined in the automated emails that you receive from WISEflow and seen at the top of the flow page is the date and time by which marking and moderation must be completed:

Assessment deadline (reviewer)

If you need more time to complete the moderation process, please speak with the marking team and contact your TPO to request this. Failure to request an extension means that unmoderated feedback and grades may be released to the students, so it is essential that you do this immediately if you see a problem which will prevent you from meeting this deadline.

Filter assessors

You can use the "Filter assessors" feature to isolate submissions assigned to specific markers. This will put their initials next to the grades they have entered in the list of students below:

Filter assessors

To remove all filters, click the X button. 

Final assessment approval

Sometimes it will be necessary for a Reviewer to submit the final grades in WISEflow instead of the Assessor. Where this setting is in use, you will have additional “Suggested” and “Final” columns on the flow page for grade entry:

Approval by reviewer1

The “Suggested” column will show what WISEflow thinks the grade should be, based on what the Assessor(s) entered. You can overwrite this if needed by using the input fields in the “Final” column:

Approval by reviewer2

You can set the grades for now if you don't want to finalise these straight away, or you can submit the grades to make them final. There are also bulk “Set all” and “Submit all” options above the table of information:

Approval by reviewer3

 If a grade that you have submitted as a Reviewer needs to be unpicked, this will need to be actioned by somebody with Manager permissions on the flow. If you are already a Manager on the flow, see our WISEflow for module leads FAQ, otherwise contact the TPO and specify the student whose grade needs unpicking. 

Finding past assignments

 WISEflow automatically archives previous assignments so that the ‘Flow Overview’ can display current and up to date flows. You can access past work from your Archive as seen in the image below:

Archive (reviewer)

Similarity checking

Brunel uses Turnitin as a text matching service which aids in the detection of potential plagiarism. Turnitin similarity reports are generated in FLOWassign coursework and FLOWlock examination flows and are accessible to Assessors and Reviewers in WISEflow. Reports take approximately 4 hours to generate after the student submission deadline has passed. The score of the report can be seen in the “Similarity” column in the first instance:

Similarity reports Reviewer

There is also a button with the score displayed in the Assessor tool:

Similarity reports Assessor tool

Clicking the percentage will open the Turnitin report in a new tab. If you need to learn more about how to use Turnitin, you may visit the following pages: 

Remember that a high similarity score does not automatically mean that work has been plagiarised, nor is its findings exhaustive. There may be a number of perfectly legitimate factors contributing to a higher score. Guidelines for staff on handling suspected plagiarism can be found on your College's IntraBrunel site (the staff handbook is often a good starting point). 


Similarity report not generated

On rare occasions an Turnitin report might not be available for the following reasons:

  1. The document is too short. There is a minimum requirement of 40 words for a report to be generated.

  2. The document submitted was a scanned PDF which has stored the information as an image rather than text. If you are unable to highlight words on the original document, this will be the issue. Turnitin is a text matching service and is unable to process images.

  3. An unusual font has been used to type up the original document which Turnitin is unable to read.

In these cases, a plain text version of the document should be requested from the student and this can be placed through Turnitin directly with the assistance of the WISEflow help team (