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Useful external links

Following is a collection of external websites that may be of interest.

Aldeburgh Music

World-renowned as an outstanding year-round performance centre, Aldeburgh is also a place where artists at all stages of their career can be inspired and energized. With inspirational scenery, a rich musical heritage and the time and space for musicians and audience to discover, create and explore, Aldeburgh is the place to help artists reach their full potential and define their own musical landscape.

Brunel University

Brunel is a world-class university based in Uxbridge, West London. Now over 40 years old, our mission has always been to combine academic rigour with the practical, entrepreneurial and imaginative approach pioneered by our namesake Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

The Journal of Music

We ask leading musicians, composers and writers – across all genres – to connect the ideas, thoughts and views on music that surround us. Our editorial staff work closely with contributors to produce articles that are engaging, accessible and full of new thinking.

The International Artist Database

A unique online information source on contemporary international artists, cultural practitioners and experts from all fields. The website already contains profiles of over 1000 individuals and groups from all regions of the world and it continues to grow. All profiles on are searchable by name, genre, place and Crossroads - a unique way of exploring and connecting artists' work - and include images and other multimedia files.


A completely independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts.

London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange (LCACE)

If you are a beginner and need help, the user group is one of the most recognized organizations available for getting started. There are many people in the group who are both willing and eager to assist you to educate you or to get you the information you need to get going with your computer usage. If you already have a computer skills, membership provides additional means for you to further develop and expand these existing skills. If you have specific interest, you will meet other members with the same interest, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. If you're already an expert, the group provides easy access to a vast amount of technical information so you will be kept up to date and at the top of your field.

Battle of Ideas

Different strands of social, political, scientific, academic and cultural discussion are being brought together for what will be an annual festival.

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University

Brunel University is at the cutting edge of arts education in the UK in all the subjects taught: drama, music, film and television, journalism, digital games, English, and creative writing. Our courses are forward-looking and innovative, and we have some of the most outstanding lecturers and professors in the country. Some of these are internationally renowned academics, publishing books that help to define and take forward their subjects, others are world-famous practitioners – novelists, composers, media and theatre artists – at the very forefront of creative arts practice.